Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finnish Band Montage Release First Single

Finnish prog/hard rock act Montage have released a new song from their upcoming debut album. Formed in 2011, their music is a mixture of traditional hard rock and the hazy sounds of folk, early prog rock and psychedelia.

Montage’s debut album, due to be released in May 2014, will consist of eight eclectic hard rock songs, featuring such titles as Misty High, Strawberry Skies and Devil's Whip.

Montage are Mikko Heino on lead vocals, Roni Seppänen on guitar, Jukka Virtanen on keys, Taneli Tulkki on bass, and Kim Etelävuori on drums. The group will announce more information about their album and upcoming gigs in the next few weeks.
Check out the 1960’s inspired Strawberry Skies:

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