Saturday, March 26, 2011

Show 66 Ready for Download

The latest IPRS, show 66, is now ready to download. A lot of new music in this one, and all great!! I discovered a fantastic band called Atto IV, which I hope you like, and I played a couple of old favourites of mine... two epics; one from Porcupine Tree and one from the Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla. And speaking of Marc Bonilla, a listener corrected me on my prononciation of his name. It seems I've been prononcing the "ll"s while I should have prononced it "boneeya", so I stand corrected, and thank you Wayne for pointing me in the right direction.

Another thing: I've been really busy listening to music, taking notes, and preparing this radio show, apart from from "real world" job, and I still haven't had time to write down my CD review. I hope to do this during this next week. Thank you for your patience.

In other news: NEARfest has announced yesterday that it has cancelled its 2011 edition! Imputing this cancellation on low ticket sales, the 5 members of the NEARfest organizing comittee have acknowledged that it may be because of the state of the economy in the US. As my friend Peter wrote on Facebook "Where have all the Prog fans gone!" Well, prog fans are workers, tax payers, and are affected by the economy as much as the rest of the population, so I am inclined to believe the NEARfest comittee about this, which is a shame since they had a great line-up for 2011. I sincerely hope that NEARfest will resume operations in time for a 2012 festival.

OK, now you can download IPRS 66 (Podcast no longer available). And don't forget to send your comments and any suggestions you may have.

Here is the play list:

1. The House of Ocean Born Mary, by The Keith Emerson Band (Keith Emerson Band, 2008)

2. A Second, by Atto IV (Shattered Lines, 2011)
3. Deep Air, by Atto IV (Shattered Lines, 2011)
4. Final Run, by Atto IV (Shattered Lines, 2011)
5. For the Future, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2006)
6. Willing the Clouds Away, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2006)
7. Pride, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2006)
8. Essence, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2006)
9. Anger, Parts I & II, by The D Project (Big Face, 2011)
10. Conspiracy, by The D Project (Big Face, 2011)
11. Snowtorch Part I, by Phideaux (Snowtorch, 2011)
12. Snake Oil, by Van Der Graaf Generator (A Grounding in Numbers, 2011)
13. Splink, by Van Der Graaf Generator (A Grounding in Numbers, 2011)
14. Medusa, by Van Der Graaf Generator (A Grounding in Numbers, 2011)
15. Mr. Sands, by Van Der Graaf Generator (A Grounding in Numbers, 2011)
16. The Sky Moves Sideways, by Porcupine Tree (The Sky Moves Sideways, 2003)

As always, encourage the bands and the music you like by purchasing their CD! By purchasing the music, you encourage the artist to produce more, thus making his art

Saturday, March 19, 2011

IPRS number 65!!

This week's radio show is now ready for download for your listening pleasure (Podcast no longer available). A lot of news and a lot of music. Don't forget to listen to the show every Tuesdays at 2 PM EST and Thursdays at midnight EST on Sismico, as well as on Fridays at 2 PM EST on UK 70s Prog Rock. Check with World Clock for your local time.

The play-list is as follows:

1. Here Comes the Flood, by Peter Gabriel (Peter Gabriel I, 1977)

2. The Fog, by Kate Bush (The Sensual World, 1989)
3. Rubberband Girl (Extended), by Kate Bush (The Red Shoes, 1993)
4. Astrology Prelude, by Erik Norlander (The Galactive Collective, 2010)
5. Military Man, by Asia (Aria, 1994)
6. Copper Edge, by Lisa LaRue (World Class, 2009)
7. Kamikaze, by Spock's Beard (X, 2010)
8. Mirror to the Spirits, by K2 (Book of the Dead, 2004)
9. Nevermore, by UK (UK, 1978)
10. The Perception of Johnny Punter, by Fish (Scattering Crows Live, 2004)
11. The Messenger, by Leap Day (Skylge's Lair, 2011)
12. Time Passing By, by Leap Day (Skylge's Lair, 2011)
13. Without Saying Anything, by Beardfish (Mammoth, 2011)
14. Akakabotu, by Beardfish (Mammoth, 2011)
15. Inner Space, by Vitruvius (Vitruvius, 2011)
16. A Promise Worth Keeping, by Rick Miller (In the Shadows, 2011)
17. The Fall of Uqbar, by Rick Miller (In the Shadows, 2011)
18. Tired, by Magic Pie (The Suffering Joy, 2011)
19. Slightly Mad, by Magic Pie (The Suffering Joy, 2011)
20. End of the Road, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
21. Soaring On, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
22. This Train Is My Life - Live, by Marillion (Happiness on the Road: Live in Paris, 2009)
23. Time's Up (Acoustic), by Saga (Contact: Live in Munich, 2009)

Hope you like the show, and as always, if you like the music, encourage the artists by purchasing their CDs through their websites.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Classic Rock Society Awards Show

Hi everyone! this week's show concentrated on the CRS Awards, so for the first two hours we had music from the winning bands. Which left the last hour for new music. After having aired on Sismico and UK70s Prog Rock internet radio stations this past week, the show is now available for download (Podcast no longer available). Newswise, the big news this week was that Phil Collins decided to retire from the music business. Originally reported last Saturday, the news was somewhat changed from what I originally read out on the radio show. Phil Collins now says that he wants to spend more time with his family. Of course, the fact that he has to tape his drumsticks to his fingers to be able to play is also a reason. I wish him a great retirement, well deserved, as he was for a long time the hardest working drummer in the music business.

Oh, and by the way, during the show I say that I will get back to you with the title of the next Pendragon album, but I never do, so here it is: the CD will be called Passion, and I reeally am looking forward to it.

The playlist is as follows:

1. For All We Shared, by Mostly Autumn (Go Well Diamond Heart, 2010)

2. Go Well Diamond Heart, by Mostly Autumn (Go Well diamond Heart, 2010)
3. Satellite, by Panic Room (Satellite, 2010)
4. Sandstorm, by Panic Room (Satellite, 2010)
5. Comatose, by Pendragon (Pure, 2008)
6. Change, Part II, by arK (Wild Untamed Imaginings, 2010)
7. Stronger Than Friction, by IQ (Frequency, 2009)
8. XXV, Part I: Twenty-Five Good Honest Men, by Pallas (XXV, 2011)
9. Rainland, by Tiny Fish (Big Red Spark, 2010)
10. Metamorphosis, by Curved Air (Air Cut, 1973)
11. The Battle of Epping Forest, by Genesis (Selling England by the Pound, 1973)
12. Unorthodox Behaviour, by Brand X (Unorthodox Behaviour, 1976)
13. The Pattern, by Jolly (The Audio Guide to Happiness, Part I, 2011)
14. Where Everything's Perfect, by Jolly (The Audio Guide to Happiness, Part I, 2011)
15. Empty Vessels, by Shades of Dawn (Graffiti's Rainbow, 2011)
16. Season's Overture, by Hostsonaten (Summereve, 2011)
17. On the Way, by Dice (Newborn, 2011)

PS. Due to popular demand, the Graeme Murray interview is now available for download again, but for one week only, so go and get it through the link above.

As always, if you love the music, purchase the CDs by following artists' links in the playlist.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Show 63 Ready to Download

In this latest edition of the IPRS I talk about the unfortunate demise of two great bands, Oceansize and Frost*. Both bands have been influential in their own way, and both have been labours of love for all included, they also were favorites of this radio show. They are gone now, but not forgotten, and so the first two hours of the radio show are dedicated to them.

The following hour is dedicated to new music by new Mexican band Vitruvius, TesseracT, Paatos, Minora, and Beardfish!

The radio show is aired three times a week, twice on Sismico, and once on UK 70s Prog Rock, which is part of the Live365 radio stations family. Both of these internet stations have built-in players, and the air times are Tuesdays at 2 PM EST and Thursdays at midnight EST on Sismico, and Fridays at 2 PM EST on UK 70s Prog Rock.

You can now download the show here! (Podcast no longer available).

The playlist:

1. An Old Friend of the Christy's, by Oceansize (Frames, 2007)

2. The Frame, by Oceansize (Frames, 2007)
3. Legal Teens, by Oceansize (Home & Minor, 2009)
4. Home & Minor, by Oceansize (Home & Minor, 2009)
5. Silent / Transparent, by Oceansize (Self Preserve..., 2010)
6. SuperImposter, by Oceansize (Self Preserved..., 2010)
7. No Me No You, by Frost* (Milliontown, 2006)
8. Snowman, by Frost* (Milliontown, 2006)
9. Milliontown, by Frost* (Milliontown, 2006)
10. Experiments in Mass Appeal, by Frost* (Experiments in Mass Appeal, 2009)
11. Falling Down, by Frost* (Experiments in Mass Appeal, 2009)
12. Wonderland (Live), by Frost* (Frost*Fest, 2010)
13. Black Sphere, by Vitruvius (Vitruvius, 2011)
14. Eden, by TesseracT (One, 2011)
15. Concealing Fate, Part VI: Origin, TesseracT (One, 2011)
16. No more Rollercoaster, by Paatos (Breathing, 2011)
17. Shells, by Paatos (Breathing, 2011)
18. Mountain, by Minora (Imago, 2011)
19. Between the Window Glasses, by Minora (Imago, 2011)
20. The Platform (Edited version), by Beardfish (Mammoth, 2011)
21. A Psychic Amplifier, by Beardfish (Från En Plats Du Ej Kan Se, 2003)

As always, if you loved the music, please encourage the music makers by visiting their websites and purchasing their CDs.