Saturday, March 5, 2011

Show 63 Ready to Download

In this latest edition of the IPRS I talk about the unfortunate demise of two great bands, Oceansize and Frost*. Both bands have been influential in their own way, and both have been labours of love for all included, they also were favorites of this radio show. They are gone now, but not forgotten, and so the first two hours of the radio show are dedicated to them.

The following hour is dedicated to new music by new Mexican band Vitruvius, TesseracT, Paatos, Minora, and Beardfish!

The radio show is aired three times a week, twice on Sismico, and once on UK 70s Prog Rock, which is part of the Live365 radio stations family. Both of these internet stations have built-in players, and the air times are Tuesdays at 2 PM EST and Thursdays at midnight EST on Sismico, and Fridays at 2 PM EST on UK 70s Prog Rock.

You can now download the show here! (Podcast no longer available).

The playlist:

1. An Old Friend of the Christy's, by Oceansize (Frames, 2007)

2. The Frame, by Oceansize (Frames, 2007)
3. Legal Teens, by Oceansize (Home & Minor, 2009)
4. Home & Minor, by Oceansize (Home & Minor, 2009)
5. Silent / Transparent, by Oceansize (Self Preserve..., 2010)
6. SuperImposter, by Oceansize (Self Preserved..., 2010)
7. No Me No You, by Frost* (Milliontown, 2006)
8. Snowman, by Frost* (Milliontown, 2006)
9. Milliontown, by Frost* (Milliontown, 2006)
10. Experiments in Mass Appeal, by Frost* (Experiments in Mass Appeal, 2009)
11. Falling Down, by Frost* (Experiments in Mass Appeal, 2009)
12. Wonderland (Live), by Frost* (Frost*Fest, 2010)
13. Black Sphere, by Vitruvius (Vitruvius, 2011)
14. Eden, by TesseracT (One, 2011)
15. Concealing Fate, Part VI: Origin, TesseracT (One, 2011)
16. No more Rollercoaster, by Paatos (Breathing, 2011)
17. Shells, by Paatos (Breathing, 2011)
18. Mountain, by Minora (Imago, 2011)
19. Between the Window Glasses, by Minora (Imago, 2011)
20. The Platform (Edited version), by Beardfish (Mammoth, 2011)
21. A Psychic Amplifier, by Beardfish (Från En Plats Du Ej Kan Se, 2003)

As always, if you loved the music, please encourage the music makers by visiting their websites and purchasing their CDs.


  1. What? No more Frost*? Say it isn't so :(

  2. The band Vitruvius has an amazing singer and the instrumentals are very complex & really impressive!! I'd like to hear more......

  3. @ Anomymous: I played some more on my latst radio show. I hope you liked it!

  4. Thanks Frank....I heard it....and loved it!!! Keep em coming.... Cheers