Friday, February 25, 2011

Show #62 Ready for Download

This latest IPRS presents new music and concert news. Since the Marillion Weekend is looming, I decided to play some music from the bands that will give free concerts at the Brutopia in Montreal on the Friday afternoon. And Blackfield is coming out with a new album and tour, so you'll hear some Blackfield live in New York, taken from the DVD. As for the new music, you'll hear new songs by Presto Ballet, Outside, Millenium, Combination Head, The Lifeline, The D Project, and The Watch. The show can be downloaded here (Podcast no longer available), and don't forget that a new show is presented on the air on the internet at Sismico every Tuesdays at 2 PM EST and Thursdays at midnight EST, and on UK 70s Prog Rock every Friday at 2 PM EST.

The playlist was this:

1. Presence, by Tempus Fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2011)
2. Shallow Water Blackout, by Tempus fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2011)
3. Mad Maze, by Sun Domingo (Live in Montreal, 2010)
4. The Immigrant Song, by Sun Domingo (Live in Montreal, 2010)
5. Between the Lines, by Presto Ballet (Invisible Places, 2011)
6. No end to a Beginning, by Presto Ballet (Invisible Places, 2011)
7. Back Again, by Outside (The Limit, 2011)
8. Epidemic, by Blackfield (Live in New York, 2007)
10. Once, by Blackfield (Live in New York, 2007)
11. Time Mirrors, by Par Lindh Project (Time Mirror, 2010)
12. The Curator, by Combination Head (Museum, 2011)
13. Particle Zoo, by Combination Head (Museum, 2011)
14. She, by Temporal Chaos Project (The Way, 2009)
15. Lake Man, by Matt Stevens (Ghost, 2010)
16.White Crow, by Millenium (White Crow, 2011)
17. 7 Years, by Millenium (White Crow, 2011)
18. Leader, by RWA (Leader CDS, 2011)
19. Why So Serious, by The Lifeline (Reflections of Hope, 2011)
20. Romeo and Juliet, by The Lifeline (Reflections of Hope, 2011)
21. They, by The D Project (Big Face, 2011)
22. In the Wilderness, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
23. The Watch, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)

As always, if you liked the music, follow the links and purchase the CD from the bands.


  1. Thanks loads for including Lake man

  2. Thanks for playing The Lifeline!!!!!!!

  3. @Matt: You are so welcome!
    @Sarah: Thank you! The Lifeline are a great unsigned band!!