Sunday, August 1, 2010

IPRS Summer Edition 5 - High Voltage Festival

Today I've got a very special show for everyone. A friend of Rick and I, Andrew Woods, had the good fortune of attending the High Voltage Festival in Victoria Park, in London, last week. A weekend full of classic rock, prog rock, and metal. Andrew usually sends us audio missives when he goes to see a show, so for this fantastic musical weekend, he did the same. Unfortunately, Saturday's audio files were unuseable (he'd bought a cheap recorder), but Friday's and Sunday's were perfect.

You'll hear music from either studio or official live albums from bands that were on stage during this weekend (not all bands though). Interspersed with those are Andrew's comments. So enjoy this special summer edition if the International Prog Rock Show that I like to call "The Andrew Barnsley Woods show". Download it here! (Link no longer available)

A question for listeners: What does Andrew comment on that has nothing to do with music? Write down your answers in the Comments section.