Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Show from February 14th Now Available

Our Valentine's Day International Prog Rock Show is now available for download. This show was not about Valentine's Day songs, but basically celebrated Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett's birthdays.

The 1st hour can be found here, the second here, and the third here. (Links no longer available)

The set list is as follows:
1. Gravity, by Max Webster (High Class in Borrowed Shoes, 1977)
2. Wildest Dreams, by Asia (Asia, 1982)
3. No Quarter - Live, by Led Zeppelin (The Song Remains the Same Remastered, 2008)
4. Buying New Soul, by Porcupine Tree (Recordings, 2001)
5. Quartz - Live, by Marillion (Live at Dingwall's in London, 2001)
6. Outer Limits, by IQ (The Wake, 1985)
7. Moribund the Burgermeister, by Peter Gabriel (PG-I "Car", 1977)
8. White Shadow, by Peter Gabriel (PG-II "Scratch"", 1978)
9. No Self Control, by Peter Gabriel (PG-III "Melt", 1980)
10. San Jacinto - Live, by Peter Gabriel (Live in Santiago, 2009)
11. Excellent Birds, by Laurie Anderson (Mr. Heartbreak, 1982)
12. Down the Dolce Vita, by Peter Gabriel (PG-I "Car", 1977)
13. The Tower That Ate People, by Peter Gabriel (Red Planet Soundtrack, 2000)
14. The Family and the Fishing Net, by Peter Gabriel (PG-IV, 1982)
15. Star of Sirius, by Steve Hackett (Voyage of the Acolyte, 1975)
16. Spectral Mornings, by Steve Hackett (Spectral Mornings, 1979)
17. The Great Nothing, by Spock's Beard (V, 2000)
18. Chelsea Monday, by Marillion (Script for a Jester's Tears, 1983)
19. The Mirror, by Spooky Tooth (The Mirror, 1974)

Download and enjoy, and remember... if you love the music, follow the links to the artists' pages and buy the CDs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shadow Circus Interview Ready for Download

The February 21st show is now online and ready for download. This was a fun show, with an interview with two members of Shadow Circus, John Fontana and Corey Folta.

Links are here for Hour 1, Hour 2, and Hour 3. (Links no longer available). The setlist is as follows:

1. Diamond Eyes, by Rishloo (Feathergun, 2009)
2. Dawn, by Dawn (Loneliness, 2007)
3. Greed, by DeeExpus Project (Halfway Home, 2008)
4. The Sea, by Subsignal (Beautiful Monstrous, 2009)
5. Downhill, by Rishloo (Feathergun, 2009)
6. Coming at You, by Circa (Overflow, 2009)
7. Dock of the Abyss, by Parallel or 90 Degrees (Jitters, 2009)
8. Shadow Circus, by Shadow Circus (Welcome to the Freakroom, 2006)
9. Willoughby, by Shadow Circus (Whispers & Screams, 2009)
10. The Journey of Everyman, by Shadow Circus (Welcome to the Freakroom, 2006)
11. Angel / ... Then in July the Thunder Came, by Shadow Circus (Whispers & Screams, 2009)
12. Project Blue, by Shadow Circus (Whispers & Screams, 2009)
13. Go, by OSI (Free, 2006)

I'm sure I speak in Rick's name as I say I'd like to thank both John and Corey for the interview, and I hope you like their music. Remember, if you like it you should encourage the artists and buy their CD, simply follow the links!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Was the First Prog Album You Ever Bought?

Another week, another poll! Since most of you had fun with the last two polls, we decided to make this a regular affair!

Today, I want to know what was the first ever prog album you ever bought and what were the circumstances that brought you to purchase it!


Win the New Shadow Circus CD

Yes, you can own a copy of the new Shadow Circus CD called Whispers & Screams by answering this question:

The song Project Blue is based on what novel by Stephen King?

Send your answers to:

The first two answers received will win a copy of the CD, so leave us your name and complete address.


UPDATE: We have our winners!!! That didn't take long! the answer was "The Stand".

First at the gate with the correct answer was Kyle Davis of Connecticut. Second place goes to Kurt Matson of California! You both get a CD and thanks for llistening to the International Prog Rock Show through the internet!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Show Ready for Download

UPDATE below:

Well, I finally figured a way to correct the audio taken from our open mikes, so the show from February 7th 2010 is now available for download, simply follow the links. This is the show where we played our favorite prog songs of the past 40 years, with some real jems being played.

TIPRS, 7 February 2010 - Hour 1
TIPRS, 7 February 2010 - Hour 2
TIPRS, 7 February 2010 - Hour 3

The setlist for this show was as follows:

1. From the Beginning, by ELP (Trilogy, 1972)
2. The Musical Box, by Genesis (Nursery Cryme, 1971)
3. And You & I, by Yes (Close to the Edge, 1972)
4. Knots, by Gentle Giant (Octopus, 1972)
5. The Chamber of 32 Doors (Live), by Genesis (Archives 67-75, 1998)
6. The Endless Enigma Parts 1 to 3, by ELP (Trilogy, 1972)
7.Sheep, by Pink Floyd (Animals, 1977)
8. Sleepwalkers, by Van der Graaf Generator (Godbluff, 1975)
9. Different Strings, by Rush (Permanent Waves, 1980)
10. Awaken, by Yes (Going for the One, 1977)
11. He Knows You Know, by Marillion (Script for a Jester's Tear, 1983)
12. In the Dead of Night, by UK (UK, 1978)
13. The Perceptions of Johnny Punter, by Fish (Sunsets on Empire, 1997)
14. Dark Ages, by Jethro Tull (Stormwatch, 1979)
15. Dark Matter, by Porcupine Tree (Signify, 1996)
16. Catwalk, by Saga (Heads or Tales, 1983)

I'm working on the show from February 14th, so it'll be available soon.

Tomorrow will be another great show, with our special guest "Shadow Circus". We've two or three songs from their new album in the past, and now we get to speak with the members of Shadow Circus on the air. And of course, we"ll play songs from their two albums!

UPDATE: Listener Dale Lawrence told us the first hour had a bug during the Musical Box. It was corrected and is now ready for download again. Thanks a lot Dale!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 5 Best Prog Songs of All Time

Time for another poll. This one is for your favorite Prog Rock song of all time.

Send an e-mail, or a comment, and list your favorite 5 songs, and the band that performed them. We may even play them on the air on the 7th of February.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday January 31st's IPRS available for download

Well, I managed to prepare the podcast inside of 24 hours yet again! Yesterday's International Prog Rock Show, live every Sunday on, is now available as a podcast, separated into three part, one for each hour of the show. This week we played music from Chile, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA.

Hour 1 is available here. (Link no longer available)
Hour 2 is available here. (Link no longer available)
Hour 3 is available here. (Link no longer available)

The setlist is as follows:

1. Experiment in Mass Appeal, by Frost* (Experiment in Mass Appeal, 2008)
2. E-motions, by Factory of Dreams (Strange Utopia, 2009)
3. Sanctuary, by Pallas (Knightmoves EP, 1985)
4. Midas Touch, by Pallas (The Cross and the Crucible, 2001)
5. Trail of Fire, by Oceansize (Frames, 2007)
6. Waiting by the Bridge, by Ritual (The Helmulic Voluntary Band, 2007)
7. Deficit, by Crisalida (Raco, 2009)
8. Corpora, by Crisalida (Raco, 2009)
9. Crying of the Whale - Part 1, by Abarax (Crying of the Whale, 2006)
10. Lusterless Fright/Ego, by Violet District (Terminal Breath, 1996/Remasterd 2002)
11. Antagony, by Knight Area (Realm of Shadows, 2009)
12. My Body Is a Cage, by Peter Gabriel (Scratch My Back, 2010) - NEW CD!
13. Dark Star, by Panic Room (Satellite, 2010) - NEW CD!
14. King Porn, by Sylvan (Force of Gravity, 2009)
15. Lullaby of Bedlam, by Ajalon (This Good Place, 2009)
16. Clear, by Breathing Space (Below the Radar, 2009)
17. Terraforming, by Jupiter Society (Terraform, 2009)
18. Still... You Turn Me On, by ELP (Brain Salad Surgery, 1973)
19. Yellow Raven, by Pain of Salvation (Linoleum EP, 2009)

As always, if you loved the music, please encourage the artists and buy the CDs.