Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday January 31st's IPRS available for download

Well, I managed to prepare the podcast inside of 24 hours yet again! Yesterday's International Prog Rock Show, live every Sunday on, is now available as a podcast, separated into three part, one for each hour of the show. This week we played music from Chile, Germany, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, and the USA.

Hour 1 is available here. (Link no longer available)
Hour 2 is available here. (Link no longer available)
Hour 3 is available here. (Link no longer available)

The setlist is as follows:

1. Experiment in Mass Appeal, by Frost* (Experiment in Mass Appeal, 2008)
2. E-motions, by Factory of Dreams (Strange Utopia, 2009)
3. Sanctuary, by Pallas (Knightmoves EP, 1985)
4. Midas Touch, by Pallas (The Cross and the Crucible, 2001)
5. Trail of Fire, by Oceansize (Frames, 2007)
6. Waiting by the Bridge, by Ritual (The Helmulic Voluntary Band, 2007)
7. Deficit, by Crisalida (Raco, 2009)
8. Corpora, by Crisalida (Raco, 2009)
9. Crying of the Whale - Part 1, by Abarax (Crying of the Whale, 2006)
10. Lusterless Fright/Ego, by Violet District (Terminal Breath, 1996/Remasterd 2002)
11. Antagony, by Knight Area (Realm of Shadows, 2009)
12. My Body Is a Cage, by Peter Gabriel (Scratch My Back, 2010) - NEW CD!
13. Dark Star, by Panic Room (Satellite, 2010) - NEW CD!
14. King Porn, by Sylvan (Force of Gravity, 2009)
15. Lullaby of Bedlam, by Ajalon (This Good Place, 2009)
16. Clear, by Breathing Space (Below the Radar, 2009)
17. Terraforming, by Jupiter Society (Terraform, 2009)
18. Still... You Turn Me On, by ELP (Brain Salad Surgery, 1973)
19. Yellow Raven, by Pain of Salvation (Linoleum EP, 2009)

As always, if you loved the music, please encourage the artists and buy the CDs.


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  1. This is JAN.31st setlist.
    This was posted FEB.1ST,not JAN.25TH...