Sunday, July 25, 2010

IPRS Summer Edition 4

I know, I know, the big thing this weekend is the High Voltage Festival in London. Well, I hear that the temperture is great and so are the shows. Last night, during the encore of Transatlantic's set, Steve Hackett came on stage and played The Return of the Giant Hogweed with the band. Wow, what a great evening that must have been.

But this week we have a great show for you. It's an interview that was conducted last February with John Fontana and Corey Felta of Shadow Circus. Both are great guys and unfortunately Corey, the drummer, is no longer part of the band, having decided to persue different musical interests, but the interview, and the music, live on.

The reason behind this repeat performance of the radio show is because Shadow Circus will soon announce a series of shows, starting in New York, and will also announce the band's new lineup. For more info visit the band's website at For those of you that would like to hear more about this fantastic band, the interview can be downloaded here (Link no longer available).

Enjoy! And I may see you guys at Shadow Circus's New York show!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

IPRS Summer Edition 3 - The Missing Hour

Welcome back to the Summer Edition download-only International Prog Rock Show. This week's show is quite special. But first, let me explain. Last March, on the 28th, we played the new Unitopia CD called Artificial. Because of an embargo we were unable to post the complete show to the download page, since the CD had not been released yet. Unfortunately, listeners of our show who download here because of the Time-Zone difference didn't get a chance to listen to Rick and I talk about the album and listen to some of those songs.

Well today I offer the special Missing 45 minutes of that March 28, show download here (Link no longer available). Listen and enjoy! Later this week I will post a review of the album, which is a must-have. So buy the CD and, for those lucky enough to be in Europe this October, go see them live!! Yes, starting on October 9th with the Summer's End festival, Unitopia will do a small tour of Europe, including the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. There may be other dates, so be sure to look at the Tour page on their website.

Enjoy the week... if we're lucky, next week we'll have a very special download show!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

IPRS Summer Edition 2

Hello everybody! Today's download-only International Prog Rock Show is a follow-up to last week's show: the Top 20 to 19 of 2009. We start the show where we left off, with Rick and I counting down from number 15 to number 11. You can download the 2 hour radio show here. (Link no longer available). For those of you who haven't heard our Top 10 of 2009 and want to continue hearing our picks for the best of last year go here to download the January show (Link no longer available).

Enjoy the show and leave comments about our picks... or anything else that comes to mind.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunshine - Summer in the City

Well here it is, the first installement of the International Prog Rock Show Summer Edition!

We've got a special treat for you all with this first download-only radio show - it's our Top 20 to 11 of the best releases from 2009. Last January we played the songs of our Top 10 favorite CDs but only mentioned the ones that were in our Top 20 to 11. Now you get the full treatment! In this first 2 hour show you'll hear our Numbers 20 to 16 and next week will be numbers 15 to 11. So enjoy and, to our American friends, have a great 4th of July!

Download the radio show here! (Link no longer available). And please leave your comments about our choice of music.