Thursday, September 26, 2013

Camel's The Snow Goose Re-Recorded

Updated date and cover:
Yes, your read the title correctly. Andy Latimer and friends have lovingly re-recorded The Snow Goose in anticipation of the nearly sold-out 2014 European Tour. It is faithful to the original, with tasty arrangements and enhancements for stage presentation. The newly recorded Snow Goose has an anticipated release date of October 5th 2013 November 15th 2013.

This was all done under wraps, with news only coming out today since the forthcoming issue of Prog Magazine has Camel as a cover story.

As for the shows, only the Mannheim and Fulda shows in Germany aren't yet sold-out.

Also, this coming Sunday, Andy and Denis will be guests on BBC Radio 6 with Cerys Matthews, so tune in at 10 AM GMT. We may get to hear some of the re-recordings.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

King Crimson Is Back!!

This was the news we thought we'd never hear. After lengthy court battles, and disillusionment with the music industry as it is today, Robert Fripp has updated his online diary (look at the bottom of the linked page) with a bit of surprising news.

"So King Crimson is in motion. This is a very different reformation to what has gone before: seven players, four English and three American, with three drummers. 
The Seven-Headed Beast of Crim is in Go! mode."
After the quintet (In the Court), the trio (Red), the four piece (Discipline), and the double trio (thrak), it seems we now have a seven piece band!

The only confirmed member is Bill Rieflin (ex-Ministry, REM) who Fripp has previously played with. But based on a previous diary entry we may surmise that Tony Levin is back in the fold.

More surprises await us in the coming weeks!

UPDATE: Jakko Jakszyk's Facebook page has been updated and it seems that the full line-up includes Robert Fripp, Bill Rieflin, Tony Levin, Mel Collins, Pat Mastelloto, Gavin Harrison, and Jakko himself. A Scarcity of Miracles with a bit of Thrak and you get a good idea where this is going. Fan-tas-tic!

ANOTHER UPDATE: In his (not yet published) diary for September 7th Robert Fripp begins:
"dear brother crims, we have one year to prepare for action of the savage variety, and be in Go! mode for september 2014… but essentially, King Crimson is in motion."

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beardfish & Special Providence to Tour Europe

Swedish progressive rockers Beardfish have announced that they will embark on a small tour of Europe this October co-headlining with Hungarian metal proggers Special Providence.

Beardfish and Special Providence members first met on the way to the first edition of the French Guyana Crescendo Festival, and talked about maybe doing something together. They finally get their wish this year.

Although both bands have no new release this year, Beardfish having released The Void in 2012 and Special Providence having released Soul Alert the same year, Rikard Sjöblom has announced that they may be playing some new material they have been working on, and Special Providence have also been working on some acoustic versions of their songs accompanied by a violin and a cello.

Either way, both bands will be doing 90 minute sets, which will make these memorable evenings.

The tour dates are:
October 17: A38, in Budapest, Hungary
October 18: Melodka, in Brno, Czech Republic
October 19: Barrak, in Ostrava, Czech Republic
October 20: Theater Ensemble, in Wurzberg, Germany
October 21: Markthalle, in Hamburg, Germany
October 22: Stengade, in Copenhagen, Denmark
October 23: Das Rind, in Russelsheim, Germany
October 24: Flutterfabrik, in Aarau, Switzerland
October 25: Lakei Helmond, in Helmond, Netherlands

Special Providence:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dutch Band Sylvium Release First Full Album

Freia Music are proud to announce the release of the first full album by Dutch post-prog band Sylvium. The band released their debut-EP ‘Purified’ in 2010 and solely based on social media attention became a hit in Holland. At the time, the duo worked as a studio project only. In 2012 Sylvium participated in Dutch Exposure, releasing one track ‘True Images’. They reached the final but due to the fact that they were not able to perform live did not participate in the finale.
Since then things started moving fast. Sylvium evolved into a 5 person band consisting of founder Ben van Gastel (guitars, keyboards), Janroel Koppen (piano), Greg Geurtsen (drums), former Knight Area bass player Gijs Koopman (bass guitar, bass pedal) & Richard de Geest (guitar, vocals).
‘The Gift Of Anxiety’ contains six tracks all based on a different aspect of fear. This album introduces vocals on two tracks, a new aspect to the so far instrumental music of Sylvium. The band has a wide influence from 70’s rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple) to neo-progressive rock (IQ, Twelfth Night) and to modern progressive rock ( Anathema, NoSound).

You can purchase the CD at Freia Music or through the band website:


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Flower Kings Reveal New Studio Album

Swedish progressive-rock band The Flower Kings have had a busy year since regrouping in 2012 for the ‘Banks Of Eden’ album, and with a new creative vigor the band are following that with the fantastic new album 'Desolation Rose' due out on 28th October 2013.

The artwork, once again created by Silas Toball, can be viewed below. The band had this to say about the forthcoming release:

"Being somewhat of a political statement, the epic theme of 'Desolation Rose' is a logical step in a time where perpetual war, famine, environmental threats, and religious conflicts dominate the media and our minds.
This is a time to wake up, and the music on this album takes you on a journey where you are forced to question what the mainstream media feed us, and to rethink your whole world view on all of the above.
This is in many ways a typical Flower Kings album but we have also taken it into another realm where we do take chances and where you may struggle to get into the music - or the lyrics - but trust me when I say you will be rewarded, as this may be our most involved, important, and interesting album ever! " - Roine Stolt

Desolation Rose (due out on 28 October 2013):

1. Tower ONE (13:39)
2. Sleeping Bones (4:16)
3. Desolation Road (4:00)
4. White Tuxedoes (6:30)
5. The Resurrected Judas (8:24)
6. Silent Masses (6:17)
7. Last Carnivore (4:22)
8. Dark Fascist Skies (6:05)
9. Blood of Eden (3:12)
10. Silent Graveyards (2:52)

Earlier this year The Flower Kings embarked on a very special tour alongside Neal Morse & Mike Portnoy to celebrate InsideOut Music's 20th Anniversary, playing to sold out crowds across Europe and the US.

Look out for more information and videos in the coming weeks!

Pre-sale starts soon at the Flower Kings

For more information,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Progressive Music Awards Winners

Last night was the night. Prog Magazine unveiled the winners of the Prog Music Awards in the beautiful setting of the Kew Gardens.

And this year’s winners are:

Limelight – Sound Of Contact
Breakthrough – Big Big Train
Anthem – Von Hertzen Brothers' Flowers And Rust
Event – Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited at Hammersmith Apollo
Band Of The Year – Marillion
Album – Steven Wilson's The Raven Who Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)
Grand Design – Family Box Set
Virtuoso – Mike Portnoy
Visionary – Steve Hillage
Guiding Light – Thomas Waber, founder of InsideOut
Lifetime Achievement – Dave Brock
Prog God – Ian Anderson
Congratulations to all the winners!