Monday, September 16, 2013

Dutch Band Sylvium Release First Full Album

Freia Music are proud to announce the release of the first full album by Dutch post-prog band Sylvium. The band released their debut-EP ‘Purified’ in 2010 and solely based on social media attention became a hit in Holland. At the time, the duo worked as a studio project only. In 2012 Sylvium participated in Dutch Exposure, releasing one track ‘True Images’. They reached the final but due to the fact that they were not able to perform live did not participate in the finale.
Since then things started moving fast. Sylvium evolved into a 5 person band consisting of founder Ben van Gastel (guitars, keyboards), Janroel Koppen (piano), Greg Geurtsen (drums), former Knight Area bass player Gijs Koopman (bass guitar, bass pedal) & Richard de Geest (guitar, vocals).
‘The Gift Of Anxiety’ contains six tracks all based on a different aspect of fear. This album introduces vocals on two tracks, a new aspect to the so far instrumental music of Sylvium. The band has a wide influence from 70’s rock (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple) to neo-progressive rock (IQ, Twelfth Night) and to modern progressive rock ( Anathema, NoSound).

You can purchase the CD at Freia Music or through the band website:


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