Friday, August 26, 2011

Grand Return from Summer Vacation with Show 83

Boy, you go away for two weeks on vacation and the whole world goes topsy-turvy: riots in the UK, the US is downgraded, and now hurricane Irene threatens the north american eastern coast (where I was 'til a couple of days ago on vacation...).

At least we still have good music to listen too and to discover, and this week, as I come to the end of my second year hosting this radio show, I have a lot of new music by very interesting young bands as well as a few classic prog bands, starting with a teaser from Steven Wilson's forthcoming Grace For Drowning CD and closing with a revisited classic album by the band that created it: the Strawb's Hero & Heroine "à la mode" of 2011. In between we will discover bands from the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

As a special bonus, I also have a contest to win a pair of tickets for The Watch's show here in Montreal on Saturday October 8th 2011. The tickets are courtesy of, the internet radio station on which this show is aired every Friday from 2PM EST to 5PM. Listen to the show, answer the question, and send me your answer at progrockshow"at" (replace the "at" by the @ sign) and I will announce the winner on the air. Be sure you can come to the show before answering, and we'll meet at the gig!!!

You can download show 83 here! (No longer available)

The playlist for show 83:

1. Track One, by Steven Wilson (Grace for Drowning, 2011) - Forthcoming.
2. Salvaging, by Steven Wilson (Insurgents, 2008)
3. A Forest, by Steven Wilson (Cover Versions III, 2005)
4. Wounded (I & II), by AltaVia (Girt Dog, 2011)
5. Another Lie, by AltaVia (Girt Dog, 2011)
6. The New Crusade, by Konchordat (The New Crusade, 2011)
7. Panic Room, by Konchordat (The New Crusade, 2011)
8. Emptiness, by Ignatius (Lights from the Deep, 2011)
9. Morning Moon, by Ignatius (Lights from the Deep, 2011)
10. Alexa in the Cage, by The RedZen (Void, 2011)
11. Into the Void, by The RedZen (Void, 2011)
12. Return to Kolkata, by The RedZen (Void, 2011)
13. End of the Road, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
14. (???), by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
15. God Is a Delay, by Suchtmaschine (God Is a Delay, 2011)
16. Zehn Minuten, by Suchtmaschine (God Is a Delay, 2011)
17. Hero and Heroine, by The Strawbs (Hero & Heroine in Ascencia, 2011)
18. Out in the Cold, by The Strawbs (Hero & Heroine in Ascencia, 2011)
19. Round and Round, by The Strawbs (Hero & Heroine in Ascencia, 2011)

As always, if you like the music and wish to purchase the CDs, click on the links provided, or purchasse the CDs through your favourite retailer.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

IPRS #82 Ready to Download

This first radio show of August has a good selection of new releases by a variety of bands. First off is Fair to Midlan, an american band that was introduced to me by my good friend Andrew Wood (whom you might remember from last week's High Voltage re-cap special).  Arrows & Anchors is their 4th release, a reviews are pretty positive.

Next up is argentinian band Uranian. How I came to discover this band is a funny story, one which I talk about during the radio show so I won't repeat it here. Suffice it to say that reviews of their first CD, three songs of which are played here, are overwhelmingly positive, and I add my own 5 stars to this excellent release.

Sweden's Wolverine has released their 4th CD this year, and at it's release I played only one song off of it. I remedy the situation by playing two more from this excellent prog metal band.

Germany's Shades of Dawn have also released their 4th CD, and Frequency Drift, also from Germany, have recently released their 3rd. Graffiti's Rainbow is Shades of Dawn's first ever epic track, clocking at 25 minutes. Frequency Drift, whose first two releases I absolutely loved, have had some personel changes, and Ghosts, this latest release, reflect that.

Three years after the "Who's the Boss in the Factory?", Sweden's Karmakanic comes back with "In a Perfect World", an excellent release from this Flower Kings offshoot. As for british guitarist Liam Davison of Mostly Autumn, "A Treasure of Well-Set Jewels" is his first solo release, and a great release it is. Very melodic with well written songs.

American band Circa's third release "And So On" (if you don't count "Overflow" which was release only thru iTunes) sounds like an offshoot of Yes, which they are. In fact, they continue in the tradition of the Yes album "Open Your Eyes" on which Billy Sherwood played guitars and keyboards.

Alternativ Quartet's second release "Aripi" is an excellent example of Eclectic Prog. This romanian band has many influences ranging from a classic space rock kind of atmospheres, with a modern, Tool-like sound, and a post-metal songwriting style. An excellent sophomore release.

Portugal's Daymoon is an unsigned band wich deserves greater airplay. Their first release "All Tomorrows" has excellent musicianship and interestingly complex music. This is a very interesting band that shows a lot of promise. And for 1 euro, this album it is truely a steal.

You can download the IPRS radio show number 82 here! (No longer available)

The playlist is as follows:

1. The Greener Grass, by Fair to Midland (Arrows & Anchors, 2011)
2. A Loophole in Limbo, by Fair to Midland (Arrows & Anchors, 2011)
3. Coppertank Island, by Fair to Midland (Arrows & Anchors, 2011)
4. 0 Bytes, by
Uranian (La Cuidad de Los Sueños, 2011)
5. Alter Ego, by Uranian (La Cuidad de Los Sueños, 2011)
6. Un Tiempo Después, by Uranian (La Cuidad de Los Sueños, 2011)
7. Into the Great Nothing, by
Wolverine (Communication Lost, 2011)
8. Embrace, by Wolverine (Communication lost, 2011)
9. Graffity's Rainbow, by
Shades of Dawn (Graffity's Rainbow, 2011)
10. Dreams, by
Frequency Drift (Ghosts..., 2011)
11. Sadness, by Frequency Drift (Ghosts..., 2011)
12. 1969, by
Karmakanic (In a Perfect World, 2011)
13. Bite the Grit, by Karmakanic (In a Perfect World, 2011)
14. Into the Setting Sun, by
Liam Davison (A Treasure of Well-Set Jewels, 2011)
15. Heading Home, by Liam Davison (A Treasure of Well-Set Jewels, 2011)
16. Aripi, by
Alternativ Quartet (Aripi, 2011)
17. Speranta şi Grâu, by Alternative Quartet (Aripi, 2011)
18. And So On, by
Circa (And So On, 2011)
19. Til We Get There, by Circa (And So On, 2011)
20. First Rain, by
Daymon (All Tomorrows, 2011)
21. Arklow, by Daymoon (All Tomorrows, 2011)

As always, if you love the music, please encourage the bands by purchasing their releases by clicking on the links and visiting their websites.