Sunday, December 30, 2012

IPRS 117 - It's the End of the World... and Xmas Too

On this year ending (and world ending... if we are to believe the Mayan calender) radio show, originally broadcast on December 21 2012 on UK70s Prog Rock, we go through some World Ending prog songs. And since the end of the world didn't happen during the radio show, we ended with some traditional Proggy Christmas songs.

Don't forget to tell me what are your favourite albums of 2012. Simply write them down in the Comments section. I will compile all I receive and we'll have a count down by the end of January.

I wish everyone a happy New Year. See you all in 2013!

The Playlist was:

1. End of the World, by Asia (Omega, 2010)
2. The End of the World, by Mastermind (Angels of the Apocalypse, 2000)
3. Right to the End of the World Tra-La, by Big Big Train (English Boy Wonders, 1997)
4. And I Wait for My World to End, by Anubis (A Tower of Silence, 2011)
5. End of the World, by Blackfield (Blackfield II, 2007)
6. World's End,Parts I & II, by Pendragon (Not of This World, 2001)
7. The End of the World, by Mostly Autumn (Storms Over Still Water, 2005)
9. Apocalypse: Judgement Day, by The Enid (Arise and Shine, 2009)
10. Apocalypstic, by Panic Room (Visionary Position, 2008)
11. World Without End, by Neal Morse (Momentum, 2012)
12. Christmas 2012, by Ifsounds (Red Apple, 2012)
13. Cicha Noc (Silent Night), by Millenium (Progressive Rock Christmas, 2009)
14. Anticipating Christmas, by Little Tragedies (New Faust, 2006)
15. Christmas Through Your Eyes, by Paul Cusick (Christmas Through Your Eyes CDS, 2010)
16. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, by Jethro Tull (The Christmas Album, 2009)
17. I Saw Three Ships, by Marillion (A Very Barry Christmas, 2001)
18. The Little Drummer Boy, by Neal Morse (A Proggy Christmas, 2011)
19. A Christmas Carol from Flanders, by Pax Romana (And the Dance Begins Again, 2009)
20. Christmas Time, by Aside Beside (Tadj Mahall Gates, 2002)
21. Expecting Snow, by Big Big Train (Goodbye to the Age of Steam, 1994)
22. Snow Dance, by Yuka Funakoshi & Chronoship (Water Reincarnation, 2011)
23. When Snow's Falling Down, by Silhouette (Across the Rubicon, 2012)

As always, if you like the music, purchase the albums or the songs through the artists' websites listed above, or through your favourite reseller. Have a great New Year's Eve Prog Party!

Monday, December 24, 2012

What Are Your Top 10 Prog CDs of 2012

It's that time of year again when we look back on the year that has just passed us by so quickly and ponder the good and the bad.

Of the 1104 new releases to date, many are worthy of being in someone's Top 10 of the year.

So once again I ask you, dear reader and dear listener, what are you;re Top 10 Progressive Rock CDs of the year. I will compile the lists and play the Top 20 on a future International Prog Rock Show.

Please write down your lists in the comments section.

Merry Christmas to One and All

To all IPRS listeners and followers on the Facebook page and here on the blogspot page, I wish a very merry Christmas and a prog-tastic New Year.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Steven Wilson Album Pre-Order

The new album by Steven Wilson and band The Raven that Refused to Sing (and other stories) will be released on Kscope on 25th February. The album was written between January and July, and recorded in Los Angeles in September with Steven’s current band line up of Guthrie Govan on lead guitar, Nick Beggs on bass guitar, Marco Minnemann on drums, Adam Holzman on keyboards, and Theo Travis on saxophone / flute. the album was also engineered by legendary producer/engineer Alan Parsons.

It is now available to pre-order in 4 different formats from Burning Shed. The deluxe edition comes in the form of a 128 page book, illustrated by Hajo Mueller, and features lyrics and ghost stories.
It includes the 6 track 55 minute album on one CD, an exclusive additional CD of demo versions (which themselves are full band studio recordings effectively presenting a full alternate version of the album, with different performances, solos and ideas), a Blu-Ray including high resolution 96K/24bit stereo, 96/24 instrumental versions, a 5.1 surround sound mix also at 96/24, photo galleries and additional artwork, and a studio documentary filmed by Lasse Hoile.
A DVD-V is also included for those without Blu-Ray players, although this does not include the instrumental versions and the 5.1 mix is a DTS compressed version. This limited edition 4 disc deluxe book edition is presently available for a special early bird price.
There are also standalone Blu-Ray, CD/DVD and 2LP Vinyl editions.

More info and links can be found here.

New Manning CD Update

Work has started on the next Manning Studio album (#14) It is to be called The Root, The Leaf & The Bone and is set for Autumn 2013 release… Nine  new tracks have been composed (in no set running order yet):

1. The Root, the Leaf & the Bone
2. Old School
3. The Forge
4. Autumn Song
5. The Huntsman & the Poacher
6. Decon(struction) Blues
7. Mists of Morning Calling to the Day
8. The Palace of Delights
9. Amongst the Sleepers

The recording line-up will comprise of current (and newly revised) Manning band plus some Special Guests (TBA) It is envisaged that the bulk of this new material will be premiered with the 2013 live dates (ahead of the album release) 2013 – The year of the great Manning excavation!

If you want to learn more about Manning, I've had the pleasure of speaking with him on numerous occasions, and you can download the interviews from the Podcast Tab.

Please see the Manning Website for all the latest details.

IPRS 116: The Symphonic Edition

On the latest International Prog Rock Show, airing on UK70sProgRock every Friday at 2 PM EST and repeated on Sundays at 7 PM EST, I decided to play some Prog based on classical music motifs, some Orchestra's playing some Prog, and some Porg using Classical orchestras. From the birth of Prog music in the psychedelic era, prog has always had a link to symphonic music. Long tracks, sometimes using the whole side of an LP (for you young ones, LPs are coming back into style), with different themes and movements, are archetypes of what Prog aspired to be. This is a style mostly associated with ELP, Yes, and Rick Wakeman.

I also paid hommage to recently departed artists Jon Lord, Michael Dunford of Renaissance, and Dave Brubeck, followed by a slew of new releases.

The play list was as follows:

1. Le Massacre du Printemps (Part I), by The Tangent (A Place on the Shelf, 2010)
2. Pictures at an Exhibition, by Emerson Lake and Palmer (Live at Mar Y Sol Festival, 2007
3. The Endless Enigma Suite, by Keith Emerson Band (Three Fates Project, 2012)
4. City of Gold, by Tony Banks (Six Pieces for Orchestra, 2012)
5. The Battle, by Rick Wakeman (Journey to the Center of the Earth, 2012)
6. Movement three: Vivace – Presto, by Jon Lord (Concerto for Group and Orchestra (2012)
7. Song of Scheherazade, by Renaissance (King Biscuit Flower Hour, 2997)
8. Lt Kije / Rondo, by The Nice (The Nice (Remastered), 2003)
9. Back to Your Moon, by Fish on Friday (Airborne, 2012)
10. You Wonder Why, by Jadis (See Right Through You, 2012)
11. Wild Flower, by Innerspace (Innerspace, 2012)
12. View from the Mountain, by Colin Mold (Girl on the Castle Steps, 2012)
13. Good Times, by The Winter Tree (Guardians, 2012)
14.Whale Watch, by Stick Men (Deep, 2012)
15. Return of the Artisan, by Final Conflict (Return of the Artisan, 2012)
As always, if you like the music, encourage the artists and follow the links to purchase their CDs. It's the only way to keep the music alive.

Lifesigns' Self Titled Debut Set for January

Lifesigns' eponomous debut album is scheduled for release on 28th January. It will be a five track offering and early reviews are already calling it stunning!

Lifesigns are John Young, Nick Beggs, and Frosty Beedle. The album also boasts an impressive cast of guest musicians including Steve Hackett, Thijs Van Leer (Focus), Jakko Jakszyk (21st Century Schizoid Band) and Robin Boult (Fish).

Listen to the trailer.

RIP Iron Butterfly's Lee Dorman

Iron Butterfly’s bassist Lee Dorman passed away ‘of heart releated natural causes’ yesterday, Friday December 21, 2012. He was 70.

Here, to remember him by, is a 1968 live recording of In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida. (And if you want to really creep out on this song, go out and rent the Manhunter DVD. It is based on the novel Red Dragon and features the first appearance of Hannibal Lector. It also features this terrific song).

IQ Set to Release 2013 Remix of Lush Attic

IQ are set to release the 2013 remix of Tales from the Lush Attic on 21st January 2013 in both a double disc CD/DVD format and on vinyl.

Mike Holmes says: “When we did the 25th anniversary edition of The Wake we took the finished stereo mix and re-mastered it. It made a big difference to the overall sound, but we weren’t able to give it a complete remix because the multi track tapes had been lost in the mists of time. However with Tales we could go right back to the beginning, using the original 24 track tapes to build the mix from scratch.

It was great to finally give this album the mix it deserved. I’ve spent years avoiding the studio release of Tales, just because I knew it could be so much better. It is now.”

The 30th anniversary special edition of Tales of the Lush Attic is a double disc with hard back 32 page book with lots of extras, including the complete remix of the album and a DVD featuring live video footage of material from Tales along with a host of MP3 files, original mixes, audio commentary and previously unreleased writing/rehearsal/demo material.

Tales from the Lush Attic 2013 remix’ will also be available in limited edition vinyl format: 180 gram, gatefold sleeve – 500 black and 500 clear vinyl.

Here is the track listing:

   The Last Human Gateway
   Through The Corridors (Oh! Shit Me)
   Awake And Nervous
   My Baby Treats Me Right ‘Cos I’m A Hard Lovin’ Man All Night Long
   The Enemy Smacks
Bonus tracks
   Wintertell (2012 recording)
   The Last Human Gateway (end section, alternative vocals)
   Just Changing Hands (unfinished demo)
   Dans Le Parc du Château Noir (unfinished demo)

   The Last Human Gateway
   Through The Corridors (Oh! Shit Me)
   About Lake Five / Awake And Nervous
   The Enemy Smacks (Live at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland: October 23, 2011)
Photo Gallery (contemporary photos and artwork)
DIY Mix of ‘Through The Corridors' : multi-track audio files and mixing software

MP3 files:
   ‘Tales From The Lush Attic’ (original mix: August 1983)
   Seven Stories into Eight (original cassette album)

   Tales from the Lush Attic - audio commentary by Peter and Mike
Further listening:
   The Enemy Smacks (first attempts: November 1982)
   The Last Human Gateway (writing session: February 1983)
   Just Changing Hands (instrumental demo: February 1983)
   Just Changing Hands (rehearsal: February 11, 1983)
   Wintertell (demo: July 1983)
   The Last Human Gateway (first complete version - rehearsal: July 27, 1983)
   Untitled version 1 (rehearsal: August 1983)
   Untitled version 2 (rehearsal: August 1983)
   Hollow Afternoon (demo, original lyrics: 1983)
   Just Changing Hands (Cava demo: 1984)
   The Last Human Gateway (middle section) (1991 recording)

Meanwhile IQ have been writing new material and preparing for upcoming shows. They have had a busy year!

Mike: “2012 was a busy year for us - we've had to rehearse two completely different sets (no mean feat for Tim and Neil) and personally I've spent quite a bit of time on the Tales from the Lush Attic 2013 remix. However, in between all that we did manage to snatch a couple of hours here and there to try out some new material, and I have to say its sounding promising - a bit like IQ in fact. At the moment we've accrued about 30 minutes of stuff, although its far too early to say if we'll actually use any of it or not...
Those of you who have been with us a while will know that time is very, very relative in IQ world, but next year we’ll definitely be concentrating heavily on writing for the first three months, and we'll take a break from writing to play a few live gigs at the end of April. Its always good to test out some of the new material on an unsuspecting public.
I would love to say that we'll have a new album out by the end of next year, but I probably shouldn't put that in writing...”.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Marillion Weekend Twofur

We have become accustomed to hearing a classic album in its entirety on Friday nights during Marillion Weekends (Brave in 2002, Afraid of Sunlight in 2003, Marbles in 2005, Seasons End in 2009, and Holidays in Eden in 2011 - the only notable exception being 2007 where they performed parts of Somewhere Else) and themed shows on Saturdays and Sundays. Of course, depending on where the weekends are (Netherlands, Canada, or England) you get to "Swap the band" or an outing, or signing sessions, or simply hobnobbing with fans and band members.

For next year's Marillion Weekend we knew in advance that the Friday night show would be dedicated to the Radiation album. But news has just come out that the band intend to add another classic album to the weekend festivities. On Saturday nights on all Weekends they will perform their classic Brave album in its entirety.

The band commented:
The production will aim to replicate the original tour, featuring all-new projections and our trademark light show.

It's an amazing opportunity to revisit the live performance, or experience the full power of Brave for the very first time.
As of this writing tickets are selling well and some are available for all three weekends, so get them while they last.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Spock's Beard Available for Pre-Order!

You can now pre-order the forthcoming Spock's Beard CD. From their website:

The preorder for our next CD has finally begun!

We are now taking preorders for a Limited Edition of our 11th studio CD. Target delivery date for the Limited Edition is March 01, 2013.

Proceeds from this preorder are a necessary part of the funding required to put out a quality product, so your support is greatly appreciated!

The title of the CD is “Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep” and will be shipped as a main disc PLUS a bonus disc. This privately released Limited Edition will contain an additional bonus track and some extra booklet pages that will not be on the InsideOut release in April.

As a gesture of appreciation for your trust in Spock’s Beard, by purchasing this CD before it is even finished your preordered copies will be shipped a month before being released worldwide by InsideOut / Century Media.

You’ll notice that there are more preorder options this time, one of which is a digital download. There are also some more expensive packages offered that are quite unique and may be highly interesting to some of you.

So click HERE to check it out! Preorder soon because it is a Limited Edition with only 5,000 units available. (The 5,000 total units available will be divided between digital downloads and physical CDs). Once they’re gone, they’re gone, never to be reissued.

Prog Folk Band The Decemberists on the Simpsons

Message from the band itself:

While the live-action Decemberists are still hibernating, their animated counterparts are poised to debut on The Simpsons Sunday night (December 9) at 8pm ET on FOX (and live on into eternity through the power of syndication). Their appearance isn't a mere cameo - the band also wrote and recorded original music for the episode. And Colin penned his line himself which makes it that much more Decemberist-ier.

The episode, entitled "The Day The Earth Stood Cool," also features the great Patton Oswalt, Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen. Be sure to tune in via your preferred visual entertainment medium

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IPRS 115

I have been so busy these past few months I had totally forgotten to post the playlist of the only IPRS radio show of November. So here it is. The show always airs on Fridays and repeats on Sundays on UK70sProgRock.


1. Overture, by Shadow Circus (On a Dark and Stormy Night, 2012)
2. From a Point of Existence Parts I-V, by Gandalf's Fist (From a Point of Existence, 2012)
3. Broken, by To-Mera (Exile, 2012)
4. Deadline, by Weend'ô (You Need to Know Yourself, 2012)
5. Montreal, by Marillion (Sounds that Can't Be Made, 2012)
6. Paranova, by Antimatter (Paranova CDS, 2012)
7. Freefalling, by Panic Room (Skin, 2012)
8. Claudette, by Alphataurus (Attosecondo, 2012)
9. Undone, by The Psychedelic Ensemble (Undone CDS, 2012)
10. Suite "O Arquiteto" Part III: Frank Lloyd, by Quaterna Requiem (O Arquiteto, 2012)
11. 1000, by John Galgano (Real Life Is Meeting, 2012)
12. Tron, by Seid (Magic Handshake, 2012)
13. i.b.too, by iamthemorning (~, 2012)
14. Incoherentt Ramblings, by 3rDegree (The Long Division, 2012)
15. Odisea: The Return, by Nexus (Magna Fabulis, 2012)

As always, if you loved the music you heard on the radio show, click on the links above to purchase the CDs directly from the artists.