Sunday, December 30, 2012

IPRS 117 - It's the End of the World... and Xmas Too

On this year ending (and world ending... if we are to believe the Mayan calender) radio show, originally broadcast on December 21 2012 on UK70s Prog Rock, we go through some World Ending prog songs. And since the end of the world didn't happen during the radio show, we ended with some traditional Proggy Christmas songs.

Don't forget to tell me what are your favourite albums of 2012. Simply write them down in the Comments section. I will compile all I receive and we'll have a count down by the end of January.

I wish everyone a happy New Year. See you all in 2013!

The Playlist was:

1. End of the World, by Asia (Omega, 2010)
2. The End of the World, by Mastermind (Angels of the Apocalypse, 2000)
3. Right to the End of the World Tra-La, by Big Big Train (English Boy Wonders, 1997)
4. And I Wait for My World to End, by Anubis (A Tower of Silence, 2011)
5. End of the World, by Blackfield (Blackfield II, 2007)
6. World's End,Parts I & II, by Pendragon (Not of This World, 2001)
7. The End of the World, by Mostly Autumn (Storms Over Still Water, 2005)
9. Apocalypse: Judgement Day, by The Enid (Arise and Shine, 2009)
10. Apocalypstic, by Panic Room (Visionary Position, 2008)
11. World Without End, by Neal Morse (Momentum, 2012)
12. Christmas 2012, by Ifsounds (Red Apple, 2012)
13. Cicha Noc (Silent Night), by Millenium (Progressive Rock Christmas, 2009)
14. Anticipating Christmas, by Little Tragedies (New Faust, 2006)
15. Christmas Through Your Eyes, by Paul Cusick (Christmas Through Your Eyes CDS, 2010)
16. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, by Jethro Tull (The Christmas Album, 2009)
17. I Saw Three Ships, by Marillion (A Very Barry Christmas, 2001)
18. The Little Drummer Boy, by Neal Morse (A Proggy Christmas, 2011)
19. A Christmas Carol from Flanders, by Pax Romana (And the Dance Begins Again, 2009)
20. Christmas Time, by Aside Beside (Tadj Mahall Gates, 2002)
21. Expecting Snow, by Big Big Train (Goodbye to the Age of Steam, 1994)
22. Snow Dance, by Yuka Funakoshi & Chronoship (Water Reincarnation, 2011)
23. When Snow's Falling Down, by Silhouette (Across the Rubicon, 2012)

As always, if you like the music, purchase the albums or the songs through the artists' websites listed above, or through your favourite reseller. Have a great New Year's Eve Prog Party!

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