Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Forward to 2013 Releases

2012 was an amazing year for progressive rock. 2012 saw the return of Alphataurus, Anglagard, Cast, and Focus (to name a few) after years of hibernation. It also saw excellent releases by The Flower Kings, Big big Train, Marillion, Panic Room, Mystery, and many many more. It unfortunately also saw the demise of NEARfest.

But 2013 already starts off as another amazing year for Prog. Here are some highly anticipated releases... with more to come.


Riverside's Shrine of New Generation Slaves (21/Feb 5 US)

WolfSpring's Who's Gonna Save the World? (21)
Zenit's The Chandrasekhar Limit (28)

Oblivion Sun's The High Places (29)

Karfagen's Aleatorica (?)


Godsticks' The Envisage Conundrum (4)

Steven Wilson's The Raven That Refused to Sing and Other Stories (25)


Spock's Beard's Brief Noctures and Dreamless Sleep (1)

Big Big Train's English Electric Part Two (4)

Amplifier's Echo Street (11)


The Inner Road's Elements (?)

Lifesigns' Lifesigns (?)

The Tangent's Le Sacre du Travail (?)

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