Friday, February 25, 2011

Show #62 Ready for Download

This latest IPRS presents new music and concert news. Since the Marillion Weekend is looming, I decided to play some music from the bands that will give free concerts at the Brutopia in Montreal on the Friday afternoon. And Blackfield is coming out with a new album and tour, so you'll hear some Blackfield live in New York, taken from the DVD. As for the new music, you'll hear new songs by Presto Ballet, Outside, Millenium, Combination Head, The Lifeline, The D Project, and The Watch. The show can be downloaded here (Podcast no longer available), and don't forget that a new show is presented on the air on the internet at Sismico every Tuesdays at 2 PM EST and Thursdays at midnight EST, and on UK 70s Prog Rock every Friday at 2 PM EST.

The playlist was this:

1. Presence, by Tempus Fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2011)
2. Shallow Water Blackout, by Tempus fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2011)
3. Mad Maze, by Sun Domingo (Live in Montreal, 2010)
4. The Immigrant Song, by Sun Domingo (Live in Montreal, 2010)
5. Between the Lines, by Presto Ballet (Invisible Places, 2011)
6. No end to a Beginning, by Presto Ballet (Invisible Places, 2011)
7. Back Again, by Outside (The Limit, 2011)
8. Epidemic, by Blackfield (Live in New York, 2007)
10. Once, by Blackfield (Live in New York, 2007)
11. Time Mirrors, by Par Lindh Project (Time Mirror, 2010)
12. The Curator, by Combination Head (Museum, 2011)
13. Particle Zoo, by Combination Head (Museum, 2011)
14. She, by Temporal Chaos Project (The Way, 2009)
15. Lake Man, by Matt Stevens (Ghost, 2010)
16.White Crow, by Millenium (White Crow, 2011)
17. 7 Years, by Millenium (White Crow, 2011)
18. Leader, by RWA (Leader CDS, 2011)
19. Why So Serious, by The Lifeline (Reflections of Hope, 2011)
20. Romeo and Juliet, by The Lifeline (Reflections of Hope, 2011)
21. They, by The D Project (Big Face, 2011)
22. In the Wilderness, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
23. The Watch, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)

As always, if you liked the music, follow the links and purchase the CD from the bands.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Interview with Graeme Murray of Pallas

This week's International Prog Rock Show is a special show on Pallas. After a career spanning 30 years, Pallas is back with a new CD called XXV (pronounced by members of the band as ex-ex-vee, not 25).  In honour of this new release, I interviewed Graeme Murray, founding member and bassist, and we went through the history of the band, from their beginning as Rainbow to the "wilderness years" when Pallas effectively disbanded, to their return and to the present with a new singer and a new album. I will soon post a review of this new CD.

Our whole interview lasted close to three hours, so I edited a lot, and I mean a lot, to fit in our three hour format, keeping spaces for the wonderful music produced by this band. Some parts of the interview that were cut went in depth about live giging, returning to the stage after a long absence, and in depth thoughts about the departure of Alan Reed. I think there is enough material for a second show, or at least part of a second show. If there is enough demand by listeners I will put one together, so leave comments about the show and about your thoughts for a follow up show. And while your here, become a follower of this blog by clicking on the follow button on this page, and never miss another posting.

The following songs were played:

1. The Ripper (Live), from Arrive Alive (1981)
2. Rise and Fall Part I, from The Sentinel (1984)
3. East West, from the Sentinel (1984)
4. March on Atlantis, from The Sentinel (1984)
5. Rise and Fall Part II, from the Sentinel (1984)
6. Sanctuary, from the Knightmoves EP (1985)
7. Rat Racing, from The Wedge (1986)
8. Beat the Drum, from Beat the Drum (1999)
9. Insomniac, from Beat the Drum (1999)
10. Midas Touch, from The Cross & the Crucible (2001)
11. Ghostdances, from The Dreams of Men (2005)
12. Falling Down, from XXV (2011)
13. The Alien Messiah, from XXV (2011)
14. XXV, Part I, from XXV (2011)
15. Sacrifice, from XXV (2011)

And, as always, if you love the music, purchase the CDs from the artist or their distributor.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

60 shows and counting!

Our latest International Prog Rock Show is now available for download here (Podcast no longer available). We finally have new releases from 2011, from Magic Pie, Forgotten Suns, Ethers Edge, Pallas, Minora and The Watch, mixed in with releases from last year that we hadn't had a chance to play yet interspersed with some concert announcements. Here is the playlist:

1. Tired, by Magic Pie (The Suffering Joy, 2011)
2. Vertigo, by Invertigo (Next Stop Vertigo, 2010)
3. Special, by Invertigo (Next Stop Vertigo, 2010)
4. Il Centro Sottile, by Il Tempio delle Clessidre (Il Tempio dell Clessidre, 2010)
5. Betrayed, by Forgotten Suns (Revelations, 2011)
6. Soap Stains and Ashes, by Tempus Fugit (Shallow Water Blackout, 2010)
7. Pretty Lives, by John Wesley (Shiver, 2005)
8. Here I Am, by Ethers Edge (Return to Type, 2011)
9. Entangled, by Paul D'Adamo (Tell Me Something, 2010)
10. So Well, by Believe (World Is Round, 2010)
11. Poor King of Sun, by Believe (World Is Round, 2010)
12. Forever and More, by Amplifier (The Octopus, 2010)
13. Blackwood, by Pallas (XXV, 2011)
14. Violet Sky, by Pallas (XXV, 2011)
15. One Day, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
16. Go Well Diamond Heart, by Mostly Autumn (Go Well Diamond Heart, 2010)
17. Andromeda, by The California Guitar Trio (Andromeda, 2010)
18. Cathedral Peak, by The California Guitar Trio (Andromeda, 2010)
19. Mountain, by Minora (Imago, 2011)
20. Slightly Mad, by Magic Pie (The Suffering Joy, 2011)

Enjoy! And, as always, if you loove the music, puchase the CDs, which encourages and enables the artists to release more music and maybe, just maybe, come to a town near you!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And Here It Is: Our Top Ten of 2010

Yes here it is! The 100th post on the blogspot!!! and it's our top 10 of 2010!

After having seen our Top 20 to 11 last week, this week is time for the Top 10. The radio show will replay on Sismico ( Thursday at midnight EST (Friday 5 AM GMT), and on Friday at 8 PM GMT (3 PM EST) on UK70s Prog Rock (

Anyway we now present the list itself (You'll have to listen to the show to hear which songs we chose, and that will be posted Wednesday). To download the podcast click here (Podcast no longer available). Tell us what you think!

Frank's Top 10
Rick's Top 10
Hybrid Child,
by District 97
Black Garden,
by K2
by WolfSpring
Delusion Squared,
by Delusion Squared
Far Skies Deep Time,
by Big Big Train
by Unitopia
by Interspheres
One Among the Living,
by Mystery
In the Wake of Evolution,
by Kaipa
The Way,
by Anima Mundi
by Amplifier
by Mindgames
by Unitopia
Lover's Leap,
by Moon Safari
One Among the Living,
by Mystery
The Big Red Spark,
by Tinyfish
Planet Earth,
by The Watch
In the Wake of the Moon,
by Galleon
by Mindgames

As always, if you loved the music, purchase the CDs by following the links! Prog on and see you next week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Listen to the IPRS Today!

Listen to the International Prog Rock Show today on Sismico ( when we unveil our Top 10 of 2010! The show will air at 7 PM GMT (2 PM EST) and is 4 hours long!

UPDATE: The show did not air today for reasons unknown. Due to this lack of airing, I will post the the Top 10 and the download link at another time.

UPDATE 2: I just heard from Sismico. The show will air tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7 PM GMT (2 PM EST). Sorry about that!