Friday, February 18, 2011

Interview with Graeme Murray of Pallas

This week's International Prog Rock Show is a special show on Pallas. After a career spanning 30 years, Pallas is back with a new CD called XXV (pronounced by members of the band as ex-ex-vee, not 25).  In honour of this new release, I interviewed Graeme Murray, founding member and bassist, and we went through the history of the band, from their beginning as Rainbow to the "wilderness years" when Pallas effectively disbanded, to their return and to the present with a new singer and a new album. I will soon post a review of this new CD.

Our whole interview lasted close to three hours, so I edited a lot, and I mean a lot, to fit in our three hour format, keeping spaces for the wonderful music produced by this band. Some parts of the interview that were cut went in depth about live giging, returning to the stage after a long absence, and in depth thoughts about the departure of Alan Reed. I think there is enough material for a second show, or at least part of a second show. If there is enough demand by listeners I will put one together, so leave comments about the show and about your thoughts for a follow up show. And while your here, become a follower of this blog by clicking on the follow button on this page, and never miss another posting.

The following songs were played:

1. The Ripper (Live), from Arrive Alive (1981)
2. Rise and Fall Part I, from The Sentinel (1984)
3. East West, from the Sentinel (1984)
4. March on Atlantis, from The Sentinel (1984)
5. Rise and Fall Part II, from the Sentinel (1984)
6. Sanctuary, from the Knightmoves EP (1985)
7. Rat Racing, from The Wedge (1986)
8. Beat the Drum, from Beat the Drum (1999)
9. Insomniac, from Beat the Drum (1999)
10. Midas Touch, from The Cross & the Crucible (2001)
11. Ghostdances, from The Dreams of Men (2005)
12. Falling Down, from XXV (2011)
13. The Alien Messiah, from XXV (2011)
14. XXV, Part I, from XXV (2011)
15. Sacrifice, from XXV (2011)

And, as always, if you love the music, purchase the CDs from the artist or their distributor.


  1. Brings back memories of my youth going to see Pallas when Euan was...being Euan! Criminal how Pallas never made it huge. Hopefully there can be more of the interview since it's been about 25 years since i last saw them or even spoke to the guys. so glad the album is making waves, even in Canada and i urge people to put out a lot of good words on Pallas' behalf. Now i'm aware of this rock show i look forward to d/loading more shows

  2. listened to the podcast yesterday. I already have the special edition package. I love the album and the interview was awesome. I didn't know much about their history. Saw them perform at ROSfest a few years ago and was blown away by them. I hope I have a chance to see them perform this new kick *ss cd. Keep up the work guys, you keep improvong every show.

  3. Is there any chance that this podcast could be re-posted on the downloads page? For whatever reason, I missed the notice in my Facebook feed that it was up and now the show is gone from the downloads page. I'm a big fan of Pallas and would love to hear that show.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. @Gary: Thanks, hope you like the show!

    @Christopher: Thanks for the compliment!

    @Anonymous: I reposted the show for one week, go back to the link and download it now!

  5. Thanks very much Frank! It was a terrific show!

  6. @ Anonymous: You're welcome. Any suggestions from listeners are welcomed. I try to accomodate when I can!