Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Heard the News Today... Oh Boy!

Roger Waters is to perform The Wall in its entirety on tour in 2010 and 2011!!! How the tour will be stage is unknown, but Waters will probably use the same musicians he had on his last tour, when he performed Dark Side of the Moon in 2008. Some dates have been kind of confirmed, and the lucky ones are in Florida:

15 September - Start of North American Tour
13 November - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
14 November - Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
16 November - Tampa, FL, USA
18 November - Atlanta, GA, USA
14 December - End of the North American Tour
You'll get more news as soon as I here more about this!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Living in the Limelight, the Universal Dream

Canadian rockers Rush will be inducted in the Canadian Songwriting Hall of Fame at the gala held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts on March 28th, 2010. The CSHF not only inducts the band but also five of their songs, and these are: Tom Sawyer, The Spirit of Radio, Limelight, Closer to the Heart, and Subdivisions. As part of the induction, bands influenced by Rush will be performing renditions of their hits. Alexisonfire will be taking on “Tom Sawyer”, Primus frontman Les Claypool and his band will be playing “The Spirit Of Radio”, and Jacob Moon will be performing “Subdivisions”.

How I'd love to be there!

I've Got Sunday on My Mind

The podcast of last Sunday's show (March 21, 2010) are now ready for download. The links are here for Hour 1, Hour 2, and Hour 3 (Links no longer available). The setlist, with links, is as follows:

1. Hydra, by Bigelf (Cheat the Gallows, 2008)
2. Electric Power Water Notes, by Kaipa (In the Wake of Evolution, 2010) - NEW
3. Fire on the Moon, by Steve Hackett (Out of the Tunnel's Mouth, 2009)
4. Tick Tock: Part 1 to 3 - Live, by Gazpacho (A Night at Loreley, 2010) - NEW
5. Epidemic - Live, by Blackfield (Live in NYC, 2009)
6. Remorse, by Aspera (Ripples, 2010) - NEW
7. Ripples - Live, by Genesis (Archives 1976-1992, 2000)
8. Eagle Mountain, by Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno (Il Pittore Volante, 2010) - NEW
9. the Flower King, by Roine Stolt (The Flower King, 1994)
10. Il Nambiamento, by Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno (Il Pittore Volante, 2010) - NEW
11. In the Wake of Evolution, by Kaipa (In the Wake of Evolution, 2010) - NEW
12. Soul Eaters / Breath of the Earth, by Fjieri (Endless, 2009)
13. Gullible's Travails: Parts 1-4, by Motorpsycho (Heavy Metal Fruit, 2010) - NEW
14. Road to Infinity - Live, by Millenium (Back After Years, 2010) - NEW

Follow the links to buy or enjoy other music by these artists!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Woman's Work

I am planning a special show on female fronted prog bands. Of course, there is Kate Bush and Magenta, The Wishing Tree and Mostly Autumn. Any of our readers here have any suggestions of who we might include?

I Am a D.J. I Am What I Play

As promised, here are the files for the International Prog Rock Show's March 14 2010 radio show. Click on the links for Hours 1, 2, and 3 (Links no longer available). I noticed that I didn't leave the setlist with links to the artists for yesterday's downloads, so here goes:

IPRS of March 14, 2010:

1. All That's Left, by Spock's Beard (Spock's Beard, 2006)
2. Finger on the Trigger, by Asia (Omega, 2010) - NEW
3. Without Knowing Why, by Magic Pie (Motions of Desire, 2005)
4. Beggar's Song, by Touchstone (Discordant Dreams, 2009)
5. Black, by Lee Abraham (Black & White, 2009)
6. Cybernetic Pillow, by Riverside (Rapid Eye Movement, 2007)
7. Until You Comply, by Beardfish (Destined Solitaire, 2009)
8. Where Earth Meets the Sky (Live), by Agents of Mercy / Karmakanic (The Power of Two, 2010) - NEW (Replaced on the download by The Fading Ghosts of Twilight).
9. Walk with Me, by The Tea Party (Edges of Twilight, 1995)
10. Savant, Iluvatar (A Story Two Days Wide, 1999)
11. Your World, by Karnataka (The Gathering Light, 2010) - NEW
12. The Gathering Light, by Karnataka (The Gathering Light, 2010) - NEW
13. Pedal Giant Animals, by Stan Whitaker and Frank Wyatt (Pedal Giant Animals, 2006)
14. All of the Above, by Transatlantic (SMPT:e, 2000)

IPRS of March 7, 2010:

1. Ode to Grey Mornings, by Aquaplanage (Aquaplanage, 2008)
2. Real Tears for Sale (Live), by Marillion (Happiness on the Road: Gdansk, Poland, 2009)
3. Empty City, by Three Friends (2009) - NEW
4. The Gathering Light, by Karnataka (The Gathering Light, 2010) - NEW
5. I Could Be God, by Galahad (Empires Never Last, 2007)
6. Hindsight - Part 2, by Galahad (Year Zero, 2002)
7. Ocean Blue, by Galahad (Following Ghosts, 1999)
8. Lady Messiah (Live), by Galahad (Sleepless in Phoenixville, 2010) - NEW
9. Empires Never Last (Live), by Galahad (Sleepless in Phoenixville, 2010) - NEW
10. Termination, by Galahad (Empires Never Last, 2007)
11. Way Out of Here (Live), by Porcupine Tree (The Incident Japanese release, 2009)
12. The Battle of Epping Forest (Live), by Genesis (1973-2007 Live Box, 2009)
13. Un incident à Bois-des-Filions, by Beau Dommage (Où est passé la noce?, 1975)

IPRS of February 28, 2010:

1. Welcome to Your Life, by The Watch (Planet Earth?, 2010) - NEW
2. The Statue, by Mindgames (Actors in a Play, 2007)
3. Burden, by Opeth (Watershed, 2008)
4. Crash, by Intentions (A Place in Time, 2009)
5. Mercy & Mercury, by Agents of Mercy (The Fading Ghosts of Twilight, 2009)
6. Out on a Limb, by Lunatic Soul (Lunatic Soul, 2008)
7. Something Wrong, by The Watch (Planet Earth?, 2010) - NEW
8. Earth, by The Watch (Planet Earth?, 2010) - NEW
9. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, by PB II (Plastic Soup, 2010) - NEW
10.Last Cigarette, by Mastermind (Insomnia, 2010) - NEW
11.One More Night, by Mastermind (Insomnia, 2010) - NEW
12. 4 excerpts from the upcoming Asia CD "Omega" - NEW
13. Finger on the Trigger, by Icon (Rubicon, 2006)
14. Lost, by Hamadryad (Intrusion, 2010) - NEW
15. Drive to the Night, by Mystery (Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face, 2007)
16. Standback: Parts 1 & 2, by IT (Departure, 2009)
17. Suite Charlotte Pike, by Transatlantic (Bridge Across Forever, 2001)
18. Wonderous Stories, by Magenta (Wonderous Stories downloadable single, 2009)
19. Interrupted Broadcast, by Harvest (Underground Community, 2009)

As always, if you love the music you'll encourage the artist by buying the CD! Cheers!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who's Coming Over for the Weekend?

Coming soon... Marillion Weekend 2011

In the above photo taken during Marillion Weekend 2009 in Montreal, Steve H. is doing some body-surfing... and is coming in my direction... watch out!
With another Marillion Weekend coming up in 2011 and set to be in both Montréal, Canada and Port Zéland, Netherlands, what I'd like to know is how many of you plan to attend one or both of these conventions, and if you've ever been to any in the past!

It's Been A Long Long Time... Hasn't It!

I was very busy with work these past few weeks and haven't been able to keep up with writing on this blog. On top of that I was listening to sometimes up to 10 new CDs every week! What a tough life I've got!! (Not). But I do have to give each CD a fair shake, so I do have to listen carefully. We at the International Prog Rock Show do try to bring you some interesting new music along with some old classics. From now on I'll do my best to update more regularly, but I do invite you to click on the FOLLOW button to receive updates as to when a new post is up.

But enough about me, what about you?

I've got a couple of polls up my sleeve and I will post them at three to four days intervals. Today I'd like to know how many of you download our radio show, and I'd like comments from our listeners concerning the show. Now on to the downloads!

I'm putting two shows up for download today, and one more tomorrow. I suggest you right-click on the links and open another page in your browser.

The first of these is the February 28 show. You can download the show by clicking on the links: Hour 1, Hour 2, and Hour 3 (Links no longer available).

The second one is from March 7th. You can download that show by clicking on these links: Hour 1, Hour 2, and Hour 3 (Links no longer available). Tomorrow I'll post the March 14 radio show.