Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Poll: The Best of the Decade

Yes, another poll, but this one is a bit different: you must leave your answers in the COMMENT section of this post.

In keeping with our year end list of the Best of 2007 that will be broadcast in early January 2011, we have decided to do two special episodes for the holidays that will focus on the Best CDs of the decade 2000 to 2009 (No 2010 since we will name those in January).

So, we ask you, our listeners, to write down your own list of Best of the Decade, but there is a caveat: you must choose one CD per year, although ties are acceptable. So choose carefully and let us know what you think. Who will be the top of the decade? I'm looking forward to reading your lists.


On this Sunday's Radio Show: New Music

Well this was quick. Today's International Prog Rock Show is already podcasted and ready for download (Podcast no longer available). Today, no interviews, no special guests, simply new music from the backlog of Cds that we received. We invite you to vote for the song you liked the most during the radio show. So to make is short and sweet, here is the playlist:

1. A Kid Called Panic, by Moon Safari (Lover's End - 2010) - NEW
2. Crossed The Rubicon, by Moon Safari (Lover's End - 2010) - NEW
3. The Tears of Selene, by Persephone's Dream (Pan: An Urban Pastoral - 2010) - NEW
4. "B", by Opusculus (Consonants - 2010) - NEW
5. "G", by Opuscululs (Consonants - 2010) - NEW
6. Broken Man, by Fatal Fusion (Land of the Sun - 2010) - NEW
7. Juggernaut Now, by Brother Ape (A Rare Moment of Insight - 2010) - NEW
8. Ultramarathon, by Brother Ape (A Rare Moment of Insight - 2010) - NEW
9. Dreamagothika, Part II, by The Lotus (Forgotten Slience - 2010) - NEW
10. Rainland, by Tinyfish (The Big Red Spark - 2010) - NEW
11. Wide Awake at Midnight, by Tinyfish (The Big Red Spark - 2010) - NEW
12. Monster, by Pallas (XXV - 2010) - NEW

13. Fine Reds, by Zip Tang (Feed Our Heads - 2010) - NEW
14. Through Different Eyes, by Mystery (One Among the Living - 2010) Canada
15. The Wake, by IQ (The Wake - 1985) UK

This last song was not played during the live broadcast of our three hour show, but is included since the show will be rebroadcast on Sismico this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, and on UK Prog 70s this coming Friday.

And, as always, if you like the music, go the bands' websites by following the links, and purchase these great CDs.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rikard Sjoblom Special

Well this was quick! The radio show was really easy to edit so the show is already available for download (Podcast no longer available)! As heard earlier today, our special guest was Rikard Sjoblom, main composer and lyrical brainthrust of Beardfish, Gungfly and Bootcut. The whole 3 hours is filled with music by these 3 bands, including a live song, and a number of as to yet unreleased songs.

PS: I've uploaded a new version of the radio show, the previous one had an slight error (a song played twice). Please download this new one instead.

The playlist is as follows:

1. On the Verge of Sanity, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic, Part I, 2007)
2. Sunrise, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic, Part I, 2007)
3. The Hunter, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic, Part II, 2008)
4. (The Way Out) Om En Utvag Fanns, by Beardfish (Fran En Plats De Uj Kan Se, 2003)
5. Today, by Beardfish (Fran En Plats De Uj Kan Se, 2003)
6. A Love Story, by Beardfish (The Sane Day, 2005)
7. The Sun Is The Devil, by Beardfih (The Sane Day, 2005)
8. In Real Life There Is No Algebra, by Beardfish (Destined Solitaire, 2009)
9. The Platform (Edit), by Beardfish (Mammoth, Forthcoming 2011)
10. The Little House I Used to Live In (Live), by Beardfish (Unreleased)
11. Rumbling Boxes, by Gungfly (Please Be Quiet, 2009)
12. Lamentation, by Gungfly (Lamentation, forthcoming 2011)
13. We Will Never Leave, by Gungfly (Lamentation, forthcoming 2011)
14. Stuck on the Treshold, by Bootcut (Unreleased)
15. Sleeping In Traffic, by Beardfish (Sleeping in Traffic, Part II, 2008)

Enjoy! And as always, I encourage you to purchase the CDs you love and encourage the artists in their endeavor to bring you more!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Quick Reminder

I've been noticing that a lot of people are coming here trying to download previous radio shows. I should remind everyone that shows are available for download for a limited time, about 5 weeks. After that time they are deleated.

I don't go back and edit the posts, so they become dead links. But links to artist's pages remain.


I Sense a Trend, Do You?

Of the many CDs that have come out this year, these are but a small sampling, but there definitely is a trend!

"There is unrest in the forest..."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Interview with Nick Jackson of IT

On last Sunday's International Prog Rock Show Rick and I had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Jackson of IT. To hear the story behind the band, and to hear great music, this radio show is a must have! By the way, Nick and his bandmates will be playing at The Peel opening for The Tangent (another great band) on Saturday 13th of November (That's next Saturday, so run, don't walk, to get tickets).

On a side note: During the interview, Nick was really embarrassed that some names escaped him when asked who he worked with in his new studio. He sent me the following note:
Hi Frank,

The name of the band was Reef. Kenwyn House is the guitarist whom I've been working with in his new project The Bliss. Can't believe that one slipped my mind! lol.
So now we know! Download the whole show here (Podcast no longer available)! The playlist is as follows:

1. Stranger in Your Soul (Live), by Transatlantic (Whirld Tour 2010, 2010) - NEW
2. God Is Dead, by IT (Departure, 2009)
3. Killing Me, by IT (Departure, 2009)
4. Burn, Part I, by IT (Departure, 2009)
5. Burn, Part II, by IT (Departure, 2009)
6. Tuning In, by IT (Over & Out, 2002)
7. Good Morning America, by IT (Over & Out, 2002)
8. Safe, by IT (Departure, 2009)
9. Stay Tuned (Live), by IT (Departure DVD, 2009)
10. Storm at Sunset, by K2 (Black Garden, 2010)
11. Sacrifice, by Yogi Lang (No Decoder, 2010) - NEW
12. This Strange Engine (Live), by Marillion (Live at High Voltage 2010, 2010) - NEW

Enjoy, and leave your comments here below. We love to hear from you! As always, if you liked the music, you'll love the CDs, so encourage the artists by purchasing their music.