Sunday, November 28, 2010

On this Sunday's Radio Show: New Music

Well this was quick. Today's International Prog Rock Show is already podcasted and ready for download (Podcast no longer available). Today, no interviews, no special guests, simply new music from the backlog of Cds that we received. We invite you to vote for the song you liked the most during the radio show. So to make is short and sweet, here is the playlist:

1. A Kid Called Panic, by Moon Safari (Lover's End - 2010) - NEW
2. Crossed The Rubicon, by Moon Safari (Lover's End - 2010) - NEW
3. The Tears of Selene, by Persephone's Dream (Pan: An Urban Pastoral - 2010) - NEW
4. "B", by Opusculus (Consonants - 2010) - NEW
5. "G", by Opuscululs (Consonants - 2010) - NEW
6. Broken Man, by Fatal Fusion (Land of the Sun - 2010) - NEW
7. Juggernaut Now, by Brother Ape (A Rare Moment of Insight - 2010) - NEW
8. Ultramarathon, by Brother Ape (A Rare Moment of Insight - 2010) - NEW
9. Dreamagothika, Part II, by The Lotus (Forgotten Slience - 2010) - NEW
10. Rainland, by Tinyfish (The Big Red Spark - 2010) - NEW
11. Wide Awake at Midnight, by Tinyfish (The Big Red Spark - 2010) - NEW
12. Monster, by Pallas (XXV - 2010) - NEW

13. Fine Reds, by Zip Tang (Feed Our Heads - 2010) - NEW
14. Through Different Eyes, by Mystery (One Among the Living - 2010) Canada
15. The Wake, by IQ (The Wake - 1985) UK

This last song was not played during the live broadcast of our three hour show, but is included since the show will be rebroadcast on Sismico this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, and on UK Prog 70s this coming Friday.

And, as always, if you like the music, go the bands' websites by following the links, and purchase these great CDs.


  1. Broken man was fantastic!!

  2. Broken Man was awesome!!

  3. Fatal Fusion was interesting, play some more songs of the album?!