Saturday, March 26, 2011

Show 66 Ready for Download

The latest IPRS, show 66, is now ready to download. A lot of new music in this one, and all great!! I discovered a fantastic band called Atto IV, which I hope you like, and I played a couple of old favourites of mine... two epics; one from Porcupine Tree and one from the Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla. And speaking of Marc Bonilla, a listener corrected me on my prononciation of his name. It seems I've been prononcing the "ll"s while I should have prononced it "boneeya", so I stand corrected, and thank you Wayne for pointing me in the right direction.

Another thing: I've been really busy listening to music, taking notes, and preparing this radio show, apart from from "real world" job, and I still haven't had time to write down my CD review. I hope to do this during this next week. Thank you for your patience.

In other news: NEARfest has announced yesterday that it has cancelled its 2011 edition! Imputing this cancellation on low ticket sales, the 5 members of the NEARfest organizing comittee have acknowledged that it may be because of the state of the economy in the US. As my friend Peter wrote on Facebook "Where have all the Prog fans gone!" Well, prog fans are workers, tax payers, and are affected by the economy as much as the rest of the population, so I am inclined to believe the NEARfest comittee about this, which is a shame since they had a great line-up for 2011. I sincerely hope that NEARfest will resume operations in time for a 2012 festival.

OK, now you can download IPRS 66 (Podcast no longer available). And don't forget to send your comments and any suggestions you may have.

Here is the play list:

1. The House of Ocean Born Mary, by The Keith Emerson Band (Keith Emerson Band, 2008)

2. A Second, by Atto IV (Shattered Lines, 2011)
3. Deep Air, by Atto IV (Shattered Lines, 2011)
4. Final Run, by Atto IV (Shattered Lines, 2011)
5. For the Future, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2006)
6. Willing the Clouds Away, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2006)
7. Pride, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2006)
8. Essence, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2006)
9. Anger, Parts I & II, by The D Project (Big Face, 2011)
10. Conspiracy, by The D Project (Big Face, 2011)
11. Snowtorch Part I, by Phideaux (Snowtorch, 2011)
12. Snake Oil, by Van Der Graaf Generator (A Grounding in Numbers, 2011)
13. Splink, by Van Der Graaf Generator (A Grounding in Numbers, 2011)
14. Medusa, by Van Der Graaf Generator (A Grounding in Numbers, 2011)
15. Mr. Sands, by Van Der Graaf Generator (A Grounding in Numbers, 2011)
16. The Sky Moves Sideways, by Porcupine Tree (The Sky Moves Sideways, 2003)

As always, encourage the bands and the music you like by purchasing their CD! By purchasing the music, you encourage the artist to produce more, thus making his art


  1. Yeah Frank just wanted to thank you for the latest show - i love themanyway -where else to get top quality prog DL to my android phone! I enjoyed the new year's top 20 and this latest 66 was so wonderful to have the Keith Emerson track there where i can listen to it over and over - i'm a big fan you know! So curious now to see what's the next - I'm writing this while downloading #67 - and also to see if there's any i've missed still available. I love your show, the commentary laid back and informative, thought i'd tell you how much all your hard work is appreciated! sending you greetings from Brittany France - i live here in a flat in Morlaix (29)with an old house rundown up in the mountains monts d'aree I can go to when the weather's good. You take care of you now and Prog on - hope all's well with Rick, too! Blessings and thanks again, Jane, :) FB Jane Johnson, eml

  2. Thank so much Jane. I love doing this show and discovering (and helping other people discover) new bands and new sounds. BTW, you live not far from my cousin André, who lives in Missiriac, a two hour drive from your town.

    cheers from Montreal!