Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Google Celebrates Robert Moog's Birthday

Everybody who uses the internet knows about the Google doodles, those little Google logos that celebrate an event or an anniversary. Most of the time a doodle is simply a graphic illustration of the event, but sometimes they are an interactive graphic interface, such as when the google logo became a Miss PacMan game, or the Jules Verne one where you could voyage to the bottom of the see in captain Nemo's submarine.

Well today Robert Moog would have been 78 and Google celebrates this by offering an interactive logo where you can play on the keyboard and turn the knobs up or down to modify the sound. Pretty cool.

Why then am I writting about this here? The reason is simple: prog artists have used Moog instruments from its inception. From Banks, to Emerson, to Wakeman, the Moog and Mini-Moog have been staples of classic prog music. so enjoy the doodle while you can

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