Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ian Anderson Picketed by Westboro Baptist Church

This past Saturday, on the 13th, Ian Anderson graced the stage of the Kauffman Theatre in New York. He was there to present his Thick As a Brick tour, where he plays the whole 1973 album during the first half of the show, and plays the whole of the latest opus, Thick As a Brick 2, during the second half.

Well, people outside where proving Ian's point by being really Thick! It seems that the repulsive right-wing hate-mongers of the Westboro Baptist Church were picketing outside the theater.

According to a PDF you can find online, to which I will not link, you can read: “Ian is representative of a world of perverse adulterers who have enabled & justified fags”, and “The Bible requires the death penalty for adulterers as well as for sodomites”.

Oh my! They really represent what Ian was singing about on Aqualung.

Oh people - what have you done
Locked Him in His golden cage.
Made Him bend to your religion
Him resurrected from the grave.

Here it is, live at Montreux.

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