Thursday, July 18, 2013

Devin Townsend's Retinal Circus Preview

Last October, Canadian prog metal artist Devin Townsend and his Devin Townsend Project embarked on a tour of Europe that culminated with a show at the Roundhouse in London that was webcast over the internet. That show, the Retinal Circus, will soon be available on DVD.

His quadrilogy, consisting of Ki, Addicted, Deconstruction, and Ghost, was a high point of musicality, maniac drive, and humour. His latest, Epicloud, was, in two words, epic and loud. the Retinal Circus chronicles the Epicloud tour and shows the DTP band in full form.

It includes a three hour plus performance that spans Devin Townsend's entire career. With a full choir and theatrical cast, visual and aural enhancements unlike any show Devin has done to date, several special guests, circus performances and more, this CD/DVD set is a must-have for any Hevy Devy fan!
The Retinal Circus will be available as a 2 DVD/2 CD digipack set in North America (release date TBA), with the following imports available at CM Distro:
--standard 2-disc DVD
--standard 1-disc Blu-Ray
--standard 2-CD audio
--special edition 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD box set
--diehard deluxe fan box incl. 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD (full details of its contents to be revealed soon)
The Retinal Circus has also been nominated for its second award this year, with the Progressive Music Awards 2013 deeming it a contender for "Best Live Event". Fans can vote for it to win here:

Here is a promo video. Enjoy!

Devin Townsend online:

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