Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Summer's End Promoter Reveals Participating Bands

Stephen Lambe, the man responsible for Summer's End, has been announcing upcoming participants for the Summer's End Festival for a couple of weeks now. Since there are a good many bands named, and some favorites of mine, I might as well start listing them here. So here goes:

Focus (Holland) www.focustheband.com
Sylvan (Germany) www.sylvan.de
Fragile featuring Claire Hamill (UK) www.yestribute.co.uk
Landmarq (UK) www.landmarq.net
Overhead (Finland) www.overhead-band.com
Deeexpus (UK) www.deeexpus.com
Jump (UK) www.jumprock.co.uk
Thumpermonkey (UK) www.thumpermonkey.com
Silhouette (Holland) www.silhouetteband.nl
Sean Filkins (UK) www.seanfilkinsmusic.co.uk

Still no set schedule yet, but one can surmise that Focus will hold top billing, as will Sylvan and, probably, Landmarq.

As I mentioned in a recent post concerning the death of the Y-Prog festival, Summer's End can only survive if you, the listener, participate by purchasing tickets. I know that this festival has been going for a while and we haven't heard of even the possibility of its demise, but all festivals are fragile. That is why I urge you to buy your tickets in advance. Sponsor and Hero tickets are available from www.summersend.co.uk.

Summer's End has a new facebook page at:

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