Thursday, March 14, 2013

IPRS 120

The last IPRS that aired on Friday the 1st of March was dedicated to the Classic Rock Society Awards that was held the weekend before. A couple of new tracks were inserted here and there, including the excellent new releases by Cosmograf, Zenit, and Lifesigns. Congratulations to all the winners.


1. Awaken, by Zenit (The Chandrasekhar Limit, 2013)
2. In Hell's Name, by Headspace (I Am Anonymous, 2012)
3. Anger (Live), by Mangenta (Live at The Point, 2007)
4. Turbalence - Paragdim Shift, by Landmarq (Entertaining Angels, 2012)
5. Maybe September, by DeeExpus (The King of Number 33, 2011)
6. Tightrope Walking, by Panic Room (Skin, 2012)
7. Revolution Medley, by Magenta (Youtube track, 2011)
8. Aspire, Achieve, by Cosmograf (The Man Left in Space, 2013)
9. Tennison Mansion, by Mostly Autumn (The Ghost Moon Orchestra, 2012)
10. Freeze the Frame, by RiverSea (Out of an Ancient World, 2012)
11. Lover's End, Part III: SkellefteƄ Serena, by Moon Safari (downloadable single, 2012)
12. Mercy of the Sea, by Kompendium (Beneath the Waves, 2012)
13. In Earnest, by The Tangent (A Place in the Queue, 2006)
14. Lighthouse, by Lifesigns (Lifesigns, 2013)

As always, if you love the music, purchase the CD through your favourite retailer.

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