Sunday, June 10, 2012

Playlist of IPRS #108

This past Friday, at 2 PM Eastern, the International Prog Rock Show returned on UK70sProgRock radio station after a nearly two month hiatus. The show will replay today, Sunday, at 7 PM Eastern Time. Catch it if you can since podcasts will no longer be available. The show may be replayed in a week, since the IPRS will try to be a bi-monthly radio show.

This webpage will continue to bring you news and reviews in the world of prog, and also the setlists of the radio show, complete with links to the artists' pages so you, the listener, could go straight to the artist to purchase the music you love.

The playlist for show 108 was:

1. Already Dead, by Steve Thorne (Crimes & Reasons, 2012)
2. Distant Thunder, by Steve Thorne (Crimes & Reasons, 2012)
3. The Words You Hide, by Sylvan (Sceneries, 2012)
4. Fool or Subject, by ADN (Prelude, 1999)
5. Hawaii, by The Fierce and the Dead (On VHS, 2012)
6. Part 3, by The Fierce and the Dead (On VHS, 2012)
7. The Black Chord, by Astra (The Black Chord, 2012)
8. Orkahaugr, by Troy Donockley (Messages, 2012)
9. Now, Voyager, by Troy Donockley (Messages, 2012)
10. Storm Corrosion, by Storm Corrosion (Storm Corrosion, 2012)
11. Lock Howl, by Storm Corrosion (Storm Corrosion, 2012)
12. Perfect Love Song, by Squackett (Sea of Smiles CDS, 2012)
13. Rebirth: Smiling at the Changing Sky, by Piezo (Scene I: Harlequin, 2012)
14. Asparagus, by Special Providence (Soul Alert, 2012)
15. The Crush of Night, by Izz (The Crush of Night, 2012)

I may be repeating myself but: If you love the music, follow the links and purchase the music you love, so the artist may be able to write more.


  1. Thanks for playing some PIEZO!
    Merci de supporter la scène locale.

  2. You're welcome, Matt. Have a great show at Celebr8 this weekend!

    François, bienvenue! J'essai de privilégié les groupes canadiens à chaques émissions, surtout les groupes émergeant comme Piezo!