Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year End Review 2: Frank's Pick

Follwing the post with Rick's Top 30 CDs (#30 to 21), here is my list of Top 30 albums (#30 to 21). It was a tough choice, and I'm certain that, if done in a month's time, this list would change since I haven't listened to half of the output from 2009, but here goes:

30. Awaking the Muse, by Leap Day
29. Songs from the Liar's Lair, by Ageness
28. The Hazards of Love, by The Decemberists
27. Destined Solitaire, by Beardfish
26. The Thrill of Nothingness, by Cross
25. Nostalgia, by Satellite
24. The Weirding, by Astra
23. The Yumyum Tree, by Ozric Tentacles
22. The Thomas Tracks, by 5BridgeS
21. Radiation, by UKZ

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