Monday, December 14, 2009

Someone Stole My Review

(Update below)

I just found out today, by surfing the net, that someone stole my review of The Tangent's latest album, and published it under his name (or nickname) on the ProgArchives site. Word for word!

I don't know how I should feel about this. Firstly, I'm flattered that this review was considered good enough, well written, and intelligent enough that someone would like to appropriate it for himself. And the fact that it is a flattering review (5 stars) ,about a band I care about, has helped its being listed in the ProgArchives in the top ten for 2009.

On the other hand, it is still theft. If he had copied it and attributed the review to me, I would have been proud. But no! The thief, who calls himself Bernal Prog, is someone who joined the ProgArchives on December 3 only to post my review and rate 5 other albums.

I am not a collaborator on ProgArchives (I might become one someday, but not right now), and cannot do a thing about this theft, except mention it here and hope for readers to complain to the ProgArchives about this person. At least to put the right attribution, cause it's still a great album and deserves the stars it earns.

Update: Thanks to MontrealRick and Andy Tillison himself, ProgArchives have now deleted the review. It seems that a lot of overenthusiastic fans were hoping to make "Down and Out in Paris and London" number 1 in the Top 100 of 2009 poll on ProgArchives. Some took other reviewers' reviews to boost the rating. Although Rick and I do believe this CD deserves all the praise it can get, it should get it the old fashioned way... with no cheating.


  1. Hi Frank, why don't you write about this problem to the ProgArchives' staff?

    La Bocca della Verità.

  2. Thanks Jimmy! Already done! Rick is a member of ProgArchives and has already notified someone there.

    Thanks for reading!