Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 20th Setlist and links

What a year! We started out humble radio show in August, after the summer vacations, with about 20 listeners (mostly family). Now we have over 400 members on our Facebook page, and over 1,000 visits to this site. Thank you all for listening. The December 20th show was recorded so as to make a podcast. It will be available here shortly.

For our last show of 2009 we played the following songs:

1. Lessons, by The Elf Project (Mirage, 2009)
2. Where Angels Fear to Tread, by Subsignal (Beautiful Monstrous, 2009)
3. A Verse of Despair, by Pictorial Wand (Face of Our Fathers, 2009)
4. The Guitar Is Mightier Than the Gun, by The First Band from Outer Space (The Guitar Is Mightier Than the Gun, 2009)
5. Icarus (Full Moon II), by Moonrise (Soul's Inner Pendulum, 2009)
6. Human Mind, by Silent Memorial (Retrospect, 2009)
7. Willoughby, by Shadow Circus (Whispers & Screams, 2009)
8. Angel, by Shadow Circus (Whispers & Screams, 2009)
9.Lost, by Lobster Newberg (Actress, 2009)
10. Imperial Winter White, by Wobbler (Afterglow, 2009)
11. Storyteller, by I/O Earth (I/O Earth, 2009)
12. Walking in Shadows, by Cirrus Bay (A Step Into Elsewhere, 2009)
13. 19-59, by Nemo (Barbares, 2009)
14. Waste of Time, by Flamborough Head (In Search ofJohn Maddock, 2009)
15. Egoist Hedonist, by Riverside (Anno Domini High Definition, 2009)

We also reviewed the latest Shadow Circus CD, Whispers & Screams. We both found it worth buying. I gave it a 7.5/10 and Rick gave it an 8.2/10. A full review will appear here shortly.

As always, if you loved the music, go visit the bands' websites linked above, and encourage them by buying their CDs.

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