Monday, March 16, 2015

The Sunstone Out Now

The Psychedelic Ensemble’s fifth album, The Sunstone, is now available. The album features the multi-instrumentalist, TPE, as well as vocals from Ann Karen who appeared on the fourth release, The Tale of the Golden King. Other guest performers include Michael Wilk of Steppenwolf. Live orchestra is included with eminent orchestral musicians from Boston. The orchestra is conducted by Jonathan Roberts. The music, like previous albums from The Psychedelic Ensemble, blends symphonic prog, fusion, and contemporary classical styles.

Like previous albums from The Psychedelic Ensemble, The Sunstone is a 62-minute concept. The concept derives from medieval folklore about Viking mariners who used crystals, or "sunstones", to navigate the seas. Folklore suggests that these sunstones could orient navigators to within a few degrees of the sun, even in fog when the stars were not visible or after the sun had set. While The Sunstone concept is simple storytelling, a number of allegories lie beneath its surface, which TPE invites the listener to discover.

The Sunstone promises to be the most ambitious release from The Psychedelic Ensemble to date. To order The Sunstone, visit

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