Friday, January 17, 2014

Manning Disbands

Guy Manning has just posted a status report concerning the band he's been fronting for the past five years.

The 'band' line-up has been ongoing, with various members leaving and joining since 2008.
Whilst I have been the constant, this has provided highs and lows for both myself and the members alike.
After much soul searching, I have decided that it is time that this current line-up reach its natural 'end of life'.
I am sure that I will be working individually with the folks on future projects, but for now, we are to go our separate ways.
It has been a great deal of both hard work and much fun - the live shows were all good and the albums we have produced as an ensemble have been very well received indeed!
I wish each and every member of the Manning band lineups all the very best and more news about their own activities will no doubt surface very soon .
The band's latest release, The Root, the Leaf & the Bone, has been well received by critics and music loving public alike. For those of you who have seen Manning live in November 2013, you were the lucky ones.
But that doesn't mean the end for the creative talent that is Guy Manning. The man behind the finely crafted and consistently original songs we've grown to know and love is still working on projects.
For myself, I am still writing new material. I have 2 "Projects" on the go at this time:
a) Akoustic #2 ...more songs re-interpreted in an acoustic setting from the long Manning back catalogue plus, some new acoustic based pieces that did not fit previously anywhere
b) A new large scale concept album. This is very likely to be a long term complex and involved project so I am not sure when (or if) this will see the light of day yet! or who will be involved in its production.
I feel no sense of urgency or ticking clock to get things out there in 2014...I am ambling along with some time to reflect, work a little and I am happy to just see where the current takes me ......short term! (I get bored easily)
In terms of more live appearances, some solo or small line-up (most probably Akoustik) shows are likely to be arranged in 2014. So please stay tuned!
For those interested to learn more about this artist, see the Podcast section of this blog-page to download a lengthy and interesting interview.

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