Monday, October 7, 2013

Nik Turner Tours and Hawkwind Cancels

Two pieces of news release over the weekend that are linked. Nik Turner was co-founder and member of Hawkwind from 1969 to 1976, then from 1982 to 1984. While working on his most recent CD, Turner launched an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to register the name "Nik Turner's Hawkwind". Meanwhile Hawkwind, under the other remaining co-founder Dave Brock, were still a going concern, still recording and touring. As time moved on and no word of legal action came, the band believed that Turner had stopped pursuing the application.

But this past September, a day after Dave Brock was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Prog Awards, came news that Turner had started the first steps in a legal move to get his name trademarked.

Needless to say, with both Nik Turner's Space Ritual and Hawkwind preparing to tour North America, Dave Brock was starting to feel the stress of a new tour and a legal action unpon the name he has been working with for years.

In response to the recent Hawkwind controversy Nik Turner had issued this statement: 
Dear Friends, Helpers Enthusiasts, Supporters, Inter-Dimensional Travelers, Intergalactic Aliens and All Sentient Beings, 
I'm very sad to hear of rumours of Dave Brock's ill health, and wish him a quick recovery from whatever ails him.  I'm greatly looking forward to seeing Hawkwind live in the USA, being aware as I am that they happen to be touring at the same time as my band.  I wish them every success, and it would be nice if Dave and I could actually play together on a stage somewhere on our tours, just like the old days, bury the hatchet, work together.  We have been very good friends in the past.  I thought about Dave and me inviting Lemmy to join us, get a band together with us (sounds like The Blues Brothers) and do a world tour.  Sounds like it could be fun too.  Life is too short to worry about all the trivial, irrelevant bullshite.  So let's all be friends, love one another.  We're all different; let's enjoy our differences.
If you come to one of my shows, come say hello.  Let's all work together in the spirit of what Hawkwind was all about: alternative culture, alternative values, peace and love, brothers and sisters, One Source, One Tribe, One World, One Mind, One Cosmos, One Love, Love to you all.
Now, doctors have confirmed that his condition is stress related, aggravated by the trademark dispute in the United States which could result in years of litigation.

After enduring a series of tests, Dave has been advised that it could be dangerous to his health to embark on a gruelling 14,000 mile tour at this time. After much discussion about possible ways forward, the members of the band have reluctantly decided that it is necessary to reschedule the dates to March 2014, rather than put Dave's health at unnecessary risk. (New dates for each venue will be announced next week).

Whilst we understand this will come as a big disappointment to those of you who have booked tickets, as it does to ourselves, we are equally sure that you will understand health concerns must take priority.
And on Nik Turner's side of things the tour is still on.
Nick Turner's Space Ritual will tour the following dates:
10.09.13 Eureka, CA at The Shanty
10.10.13 Portland, OR at Mississippi Studios - Fall Into Darkness VII Fest
10.11.13 Bellingham, WA at Shakedown
10.12.13 Seattle, WA at Chop Suey (Tickets)
10.14.13 Calgary, AB at Palomino
10.16.13 Salt Lake City, UT at Urban Lounge (Tickets)
10.17.13 Denver, CO at Lion's Lair
10.19.13 St Paul, MN at Turf Club
10.20.13 Milwaukee, WI at Cactus Club (Tickets)
10.21.13 Chicago, IL at Reggie's (Tickets)
10.22.13 Detroit, MI at PJ's Lager House
10.23.13 Cleveland, OH at Now That's Class
10.24.13 Pittsburgh, PA at Brillo Box
10.25.13 Toronto, ON at Mod Club (Tickets)
10.26.13 Montreal, QC at Il Motore
10.27.13 Portland, ME at Geno's*
10.29.13 Boston, MA at Middle East Upstairs
10.30.13 New Haven, CT at BAR (free show)
10.31.13 Easthampton, MA at Flywheel (Tickets)
11.01.13 Providence, RI at Dusk
11.02.13 Philadelphia, PA at Philamoca (Tickets)
11.03.13 Brooklyn, NY at Saint Vitus Bar
11.04.13 Raleigh, NC at King's Barcade
11.05.13 Charlotte, NC at Tremont Music Hall
11.06.13 Asheville, NC at Mothlight
11.07.13 Atlanta, GA at The Earl (Tickets)
11.08.13 Memphis, TN at HiTone Cafe
11.09.13 Little Rock, AR at Rev Room
11.10.13 Austin, TX at Fun Fun Fun Nites
11.11.13 San Antonio, TX at Ten Eleven
11.14.13 Phoenix, AZ at Rhythm Room (Tickets)
11.15.13 San Diego, CA at The Casbah
11.16.13 Los Angeles, CA at Satellite (Tickets)
11.17.13 Oakland, CA at The Uptown

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  1. I found out info from a reliable source a
    friend who works at the US Embassy, that one of the
    members of Hawkwind ( Dave Brock ) US work visa was denied. I noticed from various websites that their is speculation that is the reason that he canceled the tour. Which now seems to be confirmed. PEOPLE DO THE MATH! Why are the UK dates not canceled? Fans, people & reporters need to look up the real story? The truth will soon be revealed.