Friday, October 26, 2012

Play List for Radio Show 113: Summers End Special

A friend of mine, Chris, wrote to me the other day to tell me I forgot to post the playlist for The International Prog Rock Show's 113th episode that aired on UK70sProgRock on the weekend of the Summers End Festival. and indeed I did forget, so here are the songs played during the radio show with links to the different bands' websites.

1. Poor King of Sun, by Believe (World Is Round, 2011)
2. A Kid Called Panic, by Moon Safari (Lover's End, 2011)
3. Singled Out for Battery, by
Knifeworld (Buried Alone, 2009)
4. Severed of Horsehoof, by Knifeworld (Buried Alone, 2009)
5. Infinite Voyage, by
K2 (Book of the Dead, 2005)
6. In Orbit, by
Woobler (Rites at Dawn, 2011)
7. Sequences, by
Twelfth Night (Live at The Target - Definitive Edition, 2012)
8. The Student Prince, Parts I-IV, by
Comedy of Errors (Disobey, 2011)
9. Goodbye World, by
Cyan (The Creeping Vine, 1999)
10. The House on the Hill, by
Manning (Number 10, 2009)
11. Human Nature, by
(Nomzamo, 1987)
12. Fand 2010, by The Enid (Risen, 2012)

As always, if you liked the music, please encourage the artists by purchasing their CDs through the above links.

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