Friday, October 26, 2012

IPRS #114: The Akoustik Manning Interview

Today on the International Prog Rock Show, which airs on UK70sProgRock Radio Station, we had as a special guest Guy Manning. It's becoming somewhat of a yearly event, as we get to talk every year about Guy's latest release.

This past year has been a busy one for Manning, touring Europe and England with both electric and acoustic shows, and this year's release is a special one: an acoustic album titled "Akoustik".

As with The Tangent, Manning's band has had his share of personel changes, and as a result Guy and Andy Tillison will be doing a series of shows together for the fun of it, opening for IO-Earth (More on that in the next post.)

The playlist for this radio show was:

1. Where Are they Now?, by The Tangent (Going Off on Two, 2011)
2. Mantra, by Crisalida (Solar, 2012)
3. Darkness Has Spoken, by
Alan Reed (First in a Field of One, 2012)
4. Focus 10, by
Focus (X, 2012)
5. Tennison Mansion, by
Mostly Autumn (The Ghost Moon Orchestra, 2012)
6. The Musical Box, by
Steve Hackett (Genesis Revisited II, 2012)
7. Antares, by
Manning (Akoustik, 2012)
8. In My Life, by Manning (Akoustik, 2012)
9. The View from My Window, by Manning (Akoustik, 2012)
10. In the Black Room, by
Parallele or 90 Degrees (No More Travelling Chess, 1999)
11. The Night & the Devil, by Manning (Akoustik, 2012)
12. Eleventh Earl of Mar, by Steve Hackett (Genesis Revisited II, 2012)
As always, if you like the music, encourage the artists by purchasing their CDs through the weblinks above.

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