Tuesday, September 25, 2012

International Prog Rock Show Back on the Air

It's been over a month since the last IPRS aired on UK 70s Prog Rock radio station. As some of you may know, my wife and I recently bought a house and we used our vacation time to pack and go through all our possessions to find out what to keep, what to give, and what to through away.

It has been a painful task, going through years of accumulated stuff (even ticket stubbs from concerts dating back to 1975!!). It also was a time of elation, as we were finally moving into a house of our own.

Though the boxes are not nearly as empty as I would hope them to be at this point (friends tell me it usually takes a couple of months yet again), enough are unpacked and my recording studio is now functional. And now, after a full month without it, we are now connected to the internet, which means I can now conduct interviews.

All this to say that next Friday, September 28th, the IPRS will be back on the air at its usual time (2 PM EST in North America) and place (uk70sprogrock), and will hopefully repeat on Sunday the 30th at 7 PM EST.


To all artists wishing to send CDs for review or for airing on the radio show, contact me through the e-mail stated on this page to receive the new address at which to send your press kits and packages.

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