Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mars Hollow to Release CD and DVD Later This Month

American prog rock band Mars Hollow will be releasing a live CD and a DVD of their performance at ROSfest.

Mars Hollow announces the September 25 release of the CD “Mars Hollow Live,” featuring the 2011 performance of the progressive rock band Mars Hollow at RoSfest. As an extra bonus, the band is including a studio track titled “So Far Away.” The studio track features the new line-up of Mars Hollow which was announced this past July.
RoSfest is one of the most respected progressive rock festivals in the United States, and has been held continuously on an annual basis since 2004. RoSfest 2011, where Mars Hollow performed at the coveted ‘Church of Prog’ position on Sunday morning to 600 people, was held in Gettysburg, PA at The Majestic Theater.

The 2011 line-up performs the live show, which consists of John Baker (lead vocals, lead guitar), Jerry Beller (drums and backing vox), Kerry Chicoine (bass and backing vox), and Steve Mauk (keyboards and backing vox). “So Far Away” is performed by the new line-up, consisting of Baker and Mauk along with original Mars Hollow bassist Joe August and welcomes drummer Bob Craft.

“Mars Hollow Live” will be available September 25, 2012 on, and soon after on Amazon, iTunes and other major digital retailers.
I do hope that the artwork presented here is a quick mockup and not the final cover. Still, being a fan of their music and having seen them live (and the energy they have on stage) this will definitely be a must-have.

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