Thursday, August 16, 2012

Line-Up changes for Manning

Two days ago, on the Manning website, it was announced that both guitarists would be leaving after the Summer's End concert. Guy Manning wrote:

It is always sad losing any band member and this time we have two going off together (well not together, together but at the same time! Ed.)

Chris and Kev are both fabulous guys and great players and have supported me and the rest of Manning brilliantly for some years now. It will really not be the same without them but we will, I know, forever remain close friends.

We travelled to RoSFEST together, played ProgMeister Festival, DanFest, the Cambridge Rock Festival a few times and many CRS plus other assorted UK dates . We also recorded/performed some fantastic music together.

Sadly, geography got in the way...I wish them well with everything they do from here on in and any outfit they join will be very lucky indeed to have them, but it is not over just yet though, we still have a few gigs to do with them, thankfully! The Europe experience is next!!!!

Today the replacement was announced!

We are pleased to announce that former MANNING guitarist extraordinaire, David Million is returning to the fold for both Elektrik and Akoustik work! David will be the sole lead guitarist when Kev and Chris depart (after Summers End in September), so he has alot of work to do in replacing both these fabulous players, but David is well up for the challenge!
In other news, Manning will be releasing an Acoustic album by year's end, and have already demoed 9 tracks for an (as yet unnamed) album.

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