Friday, April 6, 2012

IPRS 107

Happy Easter! The IPRS has played on Good Friday on UK 70s Prog Rock. The show will replay this Sunday, on Easter, at 7 PM (EST) on that same radio station.

As you've probably read in an earlier post, this show is themed on Easter, so songs about Redemption and crosses and Chist are in order. Have a great Easter everyone and I'll be back in about three weeks with a new International Prog Rock Show, as I will be on vacation near a beach somewhere.

The playlist was as follows:

1. Help Me/The Spirit and the Flesh, by Neal Morse (One, 2004)
2. Redemption, by Ajalon (This Good Place, 2009)
3. The Long Road Home, by Ajalon (Light at the End of the Tunnel, 1996)
4. Jesus on the Barricades, by Agents of Mercy (The Fading Ghost of Twilight, 2009)
5. Pie Jesu, by Robert Fripp (Pie Jesu, 1997)
6. Reconciliation, by Kinetic Element (Powered by Light, 2009)
7. Matthew: The Man, by Iona (The Book of Kells, 1992)
8. Tales of the Great Wars, by Glass Hammer (Lex Rex, 2002)
9. Wooden Cross, by David Sylvan (Gone to Earth, 1986)
10. Grail, by Supernal Endgame (Touch the Sky, 2010)
11. Death, by Blind Ego (Numb, 2009)
12. The Cross, by Enchant (Break, 1998)
13. Redemption, by Antimatter (Leaving Eden, 2007)
14. Easter, by Marillion (Live in Montreal Friday, 2011)
15. The Spirit Carries On, by Dream Theater (Metropolis Part 2, 1999)
16. Ascension, by In Search For (Faith, 2009)
17. An Atmosphere of Miracles, by Iona (Another Realm, 2011)

As always, if you love the music then follow the links above and purchase the CDs through the artists or at your favorite retailer.

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