Saturday, February 25, 2012

Show #103

The International Prog Rock Show airs on Fridays at 5 PM and Saturdays at 7 PM on UK70sProgRock, part of the 365live internet radio stations.

On this week's radio show, I introduce a lot of new releases including the new Landmarq CD Entertaining Angels, Sebastian Hardie's Blueprint, and a fantastic new italian band called Profusion who have just release their second CD RewoToweR. Also showcased are a re-release of Wally's Montpellier, a new CD by brazillian band Seven Side Diamond, new canadian band AsZension's great debut album, and finally a preview of the upcoming new live CD by Steven Wilson, Catalogue / Preserve / Amass, recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on 31 October 2011. Send me your comments and tell me how you liked these albums, and join the Facebook group.

Next week's show will have an interview with Eric Blackwood of Edison's Children. Stay tuned.

The playlist was:

1. Entertaining Angels, by Landmarq (Entertaining Angels, 2012)
2. Mountains of Anglia, by Landmarq (Entertaining Angels, 2012)
3. Calm Before the Storm, by Landmarq (Entertaining Angels, 2012)
4. I Wish, by Sebastian Hardie (Blueprint, 2012)
5. I Remember, by Sebastian Hardie (Blueprint, 2012)
6. Another String, by Sebastian Hardie (Blueprint, 2012)
7. Index - Live, by Steven Wilson (Catalogue / Preserve / Amass, 2012)
8. No Part of Me - Live, by Steven Wilson (Catalogue / Preserve / Amass, 2012)
9. Sectarian - Live, by Steven Wilson (Catalogue / Preserve / Amass, 2012)
10. Sister Moon, by Wally (Montpellier, 2010)
11. Human, by Wally (Montpellier, 2010)
12. To the Urban Man - Live, by Wally (To the Urban Man, 2010)
13. Ghost House, by Profusion (RewoTower, 2012)
14. The Tower, Part I, by Profusion (RewoTower, 2012)
15. The Tower, Part II, by Profusion (RewoTower, 2012)
16. Enigma, Parts I-XIII, by Seven Side Diamond (Enigma, 2011)
17. Ouverture, by AsZension (AsZension, 2012)
18. Quest for Fire, by AsZension (AsZension, 2012)
19. Polarity Shift, by AsZension (AsZension, 2012)

And of course, if you loved these CDs, simply follow the links and purchase the music through the artists' websites.

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