Sunday, February 12, 2012

Podcast of IPRS 101 Ready to Download

This Friday's International Prog Rock Show is now ready to download as a podcast. The radio show, which aired on UK 70s Prog Rock twice, contains an interview I conducted with The Psychedelic Ensemble. You will hear great music and insightful answers by this very interesting artist. His latest output, "The Dream of the Magic Jongleur" was released in December of 2011, and even though it was a late release, ended up on many Top 10 lists for 2011.

BTW, as a listener to the IPRS, you can now download the new release, The Dream of the Magic Jongleur, or The Myth of Dying for just $4.95! The digital downloads are available in a variety of formats!

Just send an email with the message "send download link" in the main body of your email to You will receive an instant auto reply with information on how to download and purchase an album. This offer is available to the first 100 International Prog Rock Show listeners who request the download, courtesy of The Psychedelic Ensemble. Jump on this offer, you won't regret it.

Download radio show 101 here.

The playlist is as follows:

1. Despair (The Art of Madness, 2009)
2. Prologue: Ecstasy / Panic (the Art of Madness, 2009)
3. Moonmad (The Art of Madness, 2009)
4. Apparition (The Art of Madness, 2009)
5. Breakdown (The Art of Madness, 2009)
6. Incident at Charing Cross Road (The Myth of Dying, 2010)
7. Transcedence (The Myth of Dying, 2010)
8. The Vision of Eternity (The Myth of Dying, 2010)
9. The Devil's Lament (The Myth of Dying, 2010)
10. The Devil's Proffer (The Myth of Dying, 2010)
11. The Truth of Eternity (The Myth of Dying, 2010)
12. Overture: Into the Night (The Dream of the Magic Jongleur, 2011)
13. The Secrets of Your Mind (The Dream of the Magic Jongleur, 2011)
14. Stones to Flowers (The Dream of the Magic Jongleur, 2011)
15. Magicking (The Dream of the Magic Jongleur, 2011)
16. Dream & Premonition (The Dream of the Magic Jongleur, 2011)
17. End of Days (The Dream of the Magic Jongleur, 2011)
18. Strange Days (The Dream of the Magic Jongleur, 2011)

As always, if you love the music, encourage the artist by purchasing the CDs, thus ensuring that more of this artist's music can be created, recorded, and enjoyed.


  1. I haven't listen to the show yet, but I just sent an email to buy their cds as I see you've highly recommended them. I will listen to the show starting Monday.

  2. Chris!! I hope you liked the show and are happy with your purchase. I'd hate to have you buy something based on my recommendation that you didn't enjoy.