Friday, September 2, 2011

Show 84 ready for download

Hello dear listeners, and welcome to another International Prog Rock Show! Today we have a varied bag of prog music from Australia, the US, the UK, Portugal, Spain, France, and Argentina.

But first, a couple of announcements. I added some more festivals in the Festival tab of this blog. As most of you know, ProgDay starts today at Chapel Hill (some of you might already be there). The lineup has somewhat changed since Quantum Fantay were unable to arrive in the States in time for the concert due to last week's hurricain. Their headline spot has been taken by Sweden's Freak Kitchen. It promises to be a fantastic weekend of prog music, as always.

In other news, Ian Anderson has announced on the Jethro Tull website that he will be touring the Thick As A Brick album starting in April 2012 to celebrate its 40th anniversary. I haven't read anywhere in the official press releases that the whole Tull band will be performing, but one can surely wish!

And lastly, last week's contest still hasn't been claimed. So, if you want to win a pai of tickets to go see The Watch in Montreal on October 8th (be sure that you can be in Montreal on that date), you simply have to download last week's IPRS (show#83), and reply to the question asked during the show by sending your answer at progrockshow(at) (replace the (at) by @ when replying). I will contact the winner by email.

Thanks for listening, and on with the show!!!

You can download show #84 here (No longer available).

The playlist is as follows:

1. Here We Divide, by Dead Letter Circus (This Is the Warning, 2010)
2. This Is the Warning, by Dead Letter Circus (This Is the Warning, 2010)
3. The Design, by Dead Letter Circus (This Is the Warning, 2010)
4. Poetry for the Poisoned Parts I-IV, by Kamelot (Poetry for the Poisoned, 2010)
5. The World in Which We Live, by 3rDegree (The World in Which We Live, 2011)
6. The Sum, by Daymoon (All Tomorrows, 2011)
7. Hijos de América, by Contraluz (Nova Orbis, 2011)
8. Oidos en el Alma, by Contraluz (Nova Orbis, 2011)
9. Like Dust I Have Cleared from My Eye, by Steven Wilson (Grace for Drowning, 2011)
10. Thick as a Brick, Part I, by Jethro Tull (Thick as a Brick, 1972)
11. Ascension, by AmartiA (In a Quiet Place, 2011)
12. Blood Brothers, by AmartiA (In a Quiet Place, 2011)
13. Chosen One, by AmartiA (In a Quiet Place, 2011)
14. Redemption, by Antimatter (Leaving Eden, 2007)
15. The Freak Show, by Antimatter (Leaving Eden, 2007)
16. Landlocked, by Antimatter (Leaving Eden, 2007)
17. Icaro, by Albatros (Ursus, 2011)
18. La Cienega, by Albatros (Ursus, 2011)
19. Vision, by Temporal Chaos Project (Fantastic Dreamer, 2011)

As always, if you like the music, purchase the CDs by clicking on the artists' links, or by going to your favourite CD retailer.


  1. Hello,

    We're the Albatros. We're very glad to appear in your music program (show 84)

    Nice work, nice music

    A question, how you discover us?
    if you want to know more about us, you can take a look at our web

    or if you want to join us in facebook, we will be very proud to be in contact with you.

    Thanks and best regards,

  2. Thanks Juanito for the great music!