Saturday, September 17, 2011

IPRS 86 Ready for download

Hello dear listeners! Yesterday's IPRS, the one that aired on UK70s Prog Rock, is now available for download for those of you that prefer listening to the radio show through your iPods or any other listening device you own. I am pressed for time today, so the post will be short, but let me talk a bit about the featured album from this week's show.

Most of the time I receive CDs from the bands or from the distributors, or I simply buy the CDs through my favorite Cd shop. I review these CDs (I know, I know, I'm abit late in posting these reviews, but don't worry, they will come), and choose some of the best songs, in my opinion, to play on the radio show. But I also visit the web, especially a website called bandcamp, and just listen to what is new and upcoming. This week I discovered this new artist through this aforementioned website.

Bader Nana is an musician born in Lebanon and now based in Kuwait, not exactly Prog havens or the usual places where you figure prog will flourish. But give the music a chance and you will discover a rich and interesting artist that has a great future in the prog world, and a CD that will be a great addition to your music library. Wormwood is the name of the CD, and the songs relate a story. Of course, for people that know a bit about the bible, Wormwood is the name of a star that falls on the Earth, as told in the book of Revelations, but it also is a term used whn there is a nuclear accident, and this is the theme of the CD.

This CD won't disapoint, and it's free on Bader Nana's bandcamp site (at least for now). I don't know how Bader intends to make money out of this (I will try to contact him for an interview), buit I do hope that he starts charging soon and be rewarded by the fruit of his labout for this wonderful album.

Anyway, on with the links and the playlists, and talk to you soon. You can download show  86 here (No longer available) and listen to all the new music before you buy.

The playlist is as follows:

1. The Answer, by Bader Nana (Wormwood, 2011)
2. Quarantine, by Bader Nana (Wormwood, 2011)
3. The Plague, by Bader Nana (Wormwood, 2011)
4. Destroyer of Worlds, by Bader Nada (Wormwood, 2011)
5. Daylight, by Proto-Kaw (Forth, 2011)

6. Cold and Clear, by Proto-Kaw (Forth, 2011)
7. Utopian Dream, by Proto-Kaw (Forth, 2011)
8. All the Lights in Town, by The Watch (Planet Earth?, 2010)

9. One Day, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
10. End of the Road, by The Watch (Timeless, 2011)
11. The Battle of Epping Forest, by Genesis (Live at the Rainbow 1973, 2009)
12. The Cinema Show, by Genesis (Live at the Rainbow 1973, 2009)
13. Twilight Alehouse/Another Life, by The Watch (Live, 2008)
14. Absalom, by Stick Men (Absalom, 2011)
15. Smudge, by Stick Men (Absalom, 2011)
16. Crack in the Sky, by Stick Men (Absalom, 2011)
17. All That You Deserve, by Freegh (Freegh, 2011)
18. Akasha, Part I, by Freegh (Freegh, 2011)

19. Akasha, Part II, by Freegh (Freegh, 2011)
20. Incence and Myrrh, by Arch/Matheos (Sympathetic Resonance, 2011)

21. Any Given Day, by Arch/Matheos (Sympathetic Resonance, 2011)
22. Floating, by The Dive (The Dive, 2011)

As always, if you like the music, buy the CDs through your favorite retailer, and in that way you encourage the musicians to produce new music, and of course help in their livelihood.

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