Saturday, July 23, 2011

IPRS # 80 Ready for Download

This is becoming a yearly tradition, the High Voltage Festival IPRS Special. This year I concentrated on the Prog Stage events. Today you'll hear music by bands old and new, established and up-and-coming. All interesting. So here, for your listening enjoyment is the link to download this past Friday's International Prog Rock Show #80 (No longer available). Next week I'll have on-the-spot comments from everone's favorite brit - Andrew "Barnsley" Wood - as he sees and hears most of the shows at High Voltage (and I'll play some of the songs he mentions... if he mentions any!), plus an interview with Mark Truack of Unitopia about upcoming releases, shows, and everything under the sun.

The playlist is as follows:

1. Endless, by Von Hertzen Brothers (Approach, 2006)
2. Miracle, by Von Hertzen Brothers (Stars Aligned, 2011)
3. O Fortuna, by Amplifier (Insider, 2006)
4. White Horse at Sea, by Amplifier (The Octopus, 2010)
5. Nine Feet Underground, by Caravan (In the Land of Grey and Pink, 1971)
6. A Simple Mistake, by Anathema (We're Here Because We're Here, 2010)
7. Summernight Horizon, by Anathema (We're Here Because We're Here, 2010)
8. Break of Day, by Neal Morse (Testimony, 2003)
9. Supernatural, by Neal Morse (Testimony 2, 2011)
10. Titles, by Barclay James Harvest (Nexus, 1998)
11. Hymn, by Barclay James Harvest (Nexus, 1998)
12. The Alien Messiah, by Pallas (XXV, 2011)
13. XXV, Part I, by Pallas (XXV, 2011)
14. Mockingbird, by The Enid (Risen, 2011)
15. The Tower, by The Enid (Risen, 2011)
16. Midnight Wire, by Curved Air (Midnight Wire, 1975)
17. Over and Above, by Curved Air (Phantasmagoria, 1973)
18. Half the Mountain, by Mostly Autumn (Live 2009, 2009)
19. Carpe Diem, by Mostly Autumn (Live 2009 Set II. 2010)
20. In the Mouth of Madness, by Spock's Beard (The Kindness of Strangers, 1997)
21. Their Names Escape Me, by Spock's Beard (X, 2010)
22. My God, by Jethro Tull (Live at Montreux, 2010)
23. Locomotive Breath, by Jethro Tull (Live at Montreux, 2010)

As always, if you like the music, purchase the CDs, either from the artists by clicking on the links above, or through your favorite CD vendor.

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