Friday, July 15, 2011

Radio Show 79 Ready for Download

The latest edition of the International Prog Rock Show has aired today on UK70s Prog Rock. Unfortunately it aired an hour later than scheduled. This was beyond my control, and I hope that listeners didn't mind hearing the end of the Keith Emerson Band live in Moscow before my show aired (I certainly didn't mind hearing Tarkus live again).
This week the featured band is Lazuli, a French band in the Eclectic Prog genre. Their latest release, 4603 Battements (meaning 4603 Beats), has enchanted me. From the opening clock sounds of "(", followed by the unrelenting "Je te laisse ce monde", with chords that resemble Genesis' Tonight Tonight Tonight, to "Festin ultime" wich ends with a reprise of "Je te laisse ce monde" in the form of the closing parenthesis ")", this whole album is a must for any prog fan. All the songs are sung in french, obviously, but this shouldn't scare off fans who don't understand the language.

This is not to mean that the other bands featured here are not worthy of your attention.

You can download show 79 here (Podcast no longer available).

The playlist is as follows:

1. GK contramundum, by Advent (Cantus Firmus, 2006)
2. Awaiting the Call, by Advent (Cantus Firmus, 2006)
3. Ramblin' Sailor, by Advent (Cantus Firmus, 2006)
4. Dance No More, by Frequency Drift (Ghosts, Forthcoming)
5. A Life's Work, by Magic Pie (The Suffering Joy, 2011)
6. Kodac Moment, by Moonlit Sailor (Colors in Stereo, 2011)
7. Colors in Stereo, by Moonlit Sailor (Colors in Stereo, 2011)
8. Summer Solstice, by Moonlit Sailor (Colors in Stereo, 2011)
9. Shroud, by Prospekt (Prospekt, 2011)
10. Iconoclast, by Symphony X (Iconoclast, 2011)
11. The End of Innocence, by Symphony X (Iconoclast, 2011)
12. Right in Two, by Tool (10000 Days, 2006)
13. Je te laisse ce monde, by Lazuli (4603 Battements, 2011)
14. L'azur, by Lazuli (4603 Battements, 2011)
15. Festin ultime, by Lazuli (4603 Battements, 2011)
16. ), by Lazuli (4603 Battements, 2011)
17. 2012 Light Years from Home, by Apocalypse (2012 Light Years from Home, 2011)
18. To Where the Maps End, by Rainbow Danger Club (Where Maps End, 2011)
19. Live on in Photographs, by Rainbow Danger Club (Where Maps End, 2011)
20. Primera Luz, by Jaime Rosas (Flashback, 2011)

As always, if you love the music, I encourage you to purchase the CDs by following the links above, or by going to your favorite CD vendor, be it close to home or over the internet.

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