Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Interview with Sean Filkins

Hello all. This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Sean Filkins about his first solo album "War & Peace and Other Short Stories". It's a wonderful album that should be part of every progger's collection. Along the way, we spoke about his beginnings as a singer in Lorien, Soma, and various cover bands, as well as his work with Big Big Train and Lee Abraham. The radio show aired as usual on UK 70's Prog Rock this pas Friday, and is now available to download for your listening pleasure.

To hear the interview, click on Show 72 in the download page.

The playlist is:

1. Losing It, by Lorien (Children's Games, 1994)
2. Fighter Command, by Big Big Train (Gathering Speed, 2004)
3. Salt Water Falling on Uneven Ground, by Big Big Train (The Difference Machine, 2007)
4. Black, by Lee Abraham (Black & White, 2009)
5. The English Eccentric, by Sean Filkins (War & Peace and Other Stories, 2011)
6. Prisoner of Conscience, Part I: The Soldier, by Sean Filkins (War & Peace and Other Stories, 2011)
7. Prisoner of Conscience, Part II: The Ordinary Man, by Sean Filkins (War & Peace and Other Stories, 2011)
8. Epitaph for a Mariner, by Sean Filkins (War & Peace and Other Stories, 2011)
9. Learn How to Learn, by Sean Filkins (War & Peace and Other Stories, 2011)
10. Pride, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 20009)
11. Jessica's Theme, by Jeff Green (Jessica, 2009)

As always, please leave comments about the show or about your likes and dislikes in the Comments section or through the e-mail address. And if you like the music you heard, please purchase the CDs through the links left in the play list section or through your favorite retail outlet. Encouraging the artists by buying their CDs is the best way to ensure that they will continue to bring you new and wonderful music.


  1. Christopher TeerMay 29, 2011 at 11:01 AM

    Frank, I'm only have way through the show and already I'm getting the new Sean Filkins cd and the Lee Abraham cd. Awesome music. This album is a Top 5 for 2011 and maybe higher after I hear the rest of it. You should have come to ROSfest. Awesome weekend. Dates have been set for next year as well. May 4-6th, 2012

  2. Chris, I'm planning to go next year, so watch out!

    Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you liked Sean and Lee's music. I also believe Sean's CD will end up on a lot of top 5 lists this year.