Sunday, October 3, 2010

Results of Poll #2

The results are in and I'm happy to say that 44% of you loved the new Delusion Squared songs. I even got wind that some of you ordered the CD after having heard it on our show, and I am very gratified about that. What were the other results? Well here they are:

44% for both Copyrighted Genes and Sentenced, off the first Delusion Squared CD.
24% for Widows Watch, off of Black Garden, by K2.
20% for Gone in the Blink of an Eye, off of Artificial by Unitopia.
20% for Beyond Within, off of If by Glass Hammer.
17% for 321 and Justify, two other Unitopia songs.
10% liked Dragonfly by Carptree and the acoustic version of Dark Angel by The Reasoning.

The others were undder 6% so I won't mention them.

Thanks to everyone that participated. Poll #3 will be up as soon as the live radio show is over.

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