Monday, October 18, 2010

Interview with Guy Manning

This past Sunday we had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Manning, composer extraordinaire, lover of water and death, and moose connaiseur! He's had a long career, releasing one album a year for the past 10 years, and his latest, Charlestown, is a delight. Download the show here (Podcast no longer available)!

The playlist is:

1. Apocalypsis (Jesu Christi), by Jake Mattison (Voyager EP, 2010) - NEW
2. F.Y.C., by Neil Pepper (Unreleased Demo, 2010) - NEW
3. Shine, by Galahad (Following Ghosts, 1999)
4. Ships, by Manning (Number Ten, 2009)
5. Charlestown, Parts1 & 4, by Manning (Charlestown, 2010) - NEW
6. Caliban and Ariel, by Manning (Charlestown, 2010) - NEW
7. The View from My Window, by Manning ( The View from My Window, 2003)
8. Pain, by Stream of Passion (Out of the Real World EP, 2006)
9. When the Levee Breaks, by Stream of Passion (Live in the Real World, 2006)
10. In the Flesh/Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall, Part.2, by Roger Waters (In the Flesh Live, 2000)
11. Requiem for a Dying Creed, by Hypnos 69 (Legacy, 2010)
12. Duke of Sadness, by Agents of Mercy (Dramarama, 2010) - NEW
13. Tarkus (Live), by Emerson-Hughes-Bonilla ( Boys Club: Live in California, 2008)

Well you might have noticed that IT won hands down in the poll. That is basically because many friends of IT's lead singer/songwritter voted for him. He nonetheless came in first, when you factor out the "family and friends" vote. Now you can vote in this week's poll!!

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