Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Show of September

A quick post today. Last sunday's episode is now available for download (Link no longer available). Hasse Froberg, singer of The Flower Kings, and as of this year solo artist, was our guest in the first hour of our show, You'll hear songs from his excellent new CD, and some of his thoughts on creation of music and working with other musicians on his solo project. You'll also hear a lot of new music!

A short note before I write down the setlist: the downloads are not permanent. If you intend to download past shows, do it quickly since the links last for about 1 month and a half. I will not repost the shows for the time being.

The setlist for the show was as follows:

1- Magic Pie, by The Flower Kings (Flower Power, 1998)

2- Only My Blood, by Hasse Froberg & Musical Friend (Future Past, 2010) - NEW
3- 23 Minutes of Tragedy, by IZZ (The Darkened Room, 2009)
4- Reflection, by Edensong (The Fruit Fallen, 2008)
5- Rabbit, by Half Past Four (Rabbit in the Vestibule, 2009)
6- Deaman Jigging Spoon, by Mahogany Frog (FO5, 2008)
7- Shadows Black & White, by FramePictures (Remember It, 2010) - NEW
8- Piece of the Sky, by Hasse Froberg & Musical Friend (Future Past, 2010) - NEW
9- I Can't Take You with Me, by District 97 (Hybrid Child, 2010) - NEW
10- Racecar, by Periphery (Periphery, 2010) - NEW
11- A Poet's Talespin, by Dave Kulju (Notes in the Margin, 2010) - NEW
12- Last, by Dante (Saturnine, 2010) - NEW

As always, if you loved the music, follow the links and buy from the artists or their distributors.

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