Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stick Men Live Streaming April 20th Show

Stick Men, MoonJune and Daryl's House in associate with StageIt are inviting you for a live streaming of the Stick Men's show in Pawling, NY. Stick Men is performing their 10th show on the ProgNoir USA/Canada 2016 Tour at the Daryl's House, a venue owned by Daryl Hall (of the Hall & Oates), known for the series Live from Daryl's House.

Direct links:
You have to sign up first for a FREE account on StageIt. It takes only a few minutes.
Contributions starts from $5, you pay as much you like.

Stick Menwill perform for approximately 100 minutes.
Once you are ready, just log in: www.darylshouseclub.com/live and enjoy the show!

Check your Time Zone:

Wednesday, April 20
7:00pm in New York, NY
6:00pm in Chicago, IL
5:00pm in Denver, CO
4:00pm in Los Angeles, CA
8:00pm in Brazil & Argentina
12 Midnight in the UK

Thursday, April 22
1am in Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid and across the Europe
3am in Moscow, Russia
6am in Jakarta, Indonesia
7am in Singapore
8am in Tokyo, Japan
9am in Sydney, Australia
11am in Auckland, New Zealand

Direct links:

You can check the audio and video quality of the live streaming at the following link;
Stageit is a web-based performance. It hosts paid performances by musical artists who perform live via webcam. Artists choose when they want to perform, for how long, and how much they want to charge. The performances are not archived or duplicated for distribution.

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