Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Styx and the Mission to Pluto

Left to right: Lawrence Gowan, Tommy Shaw, New Horizons’ Mark Showalter, and Todd Sucherman
Credits: NASA/Joel Kowsky

OK, so this might not be a "progressive rock" news item per se, but Styx do fall in the "Prog Related" category, and this IS and interesting story. (And I'm a science geek).

Three members of the present incarnation of the rock band Styx met with the New Horizon mission scientists on July 1st in Maryland. why is this significant, you ask? Because they met with the scientist who discovered Pluto's 5th moon, the one who named it Styx.

Learn more about this meeting here (http://www.nasa.gov/nh/styx-meets-styx), and learn more about the mission to Pluto, with New Horizon arriving at its closest approach to this distant planet on July 14th.

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